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  1. What I don't want is a cartoon/anime avatar like what is in VRChat. Not my thing.
  2. Giphy is funky that way. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I usually will look for another source and use that if I can find one, rather than Giphy
  3. Like this: Right click to open the image in a new tab than copy/paste the url into the 'insert other media'. Don't use the url you get when you click the icon for one. They don't work on this forum that way.
  4. I know all that. I've been knowing it. Do you think you are the only one that keeps up with what happens with Philip and HiFi? No, you are not. I signed up for HiFi before they'd even started the project when it was first announced and Philip asked people to start signing up.
  5. The thread title is a statement that doesn't necessarily reflect surprise so much as pleasantly pleased.
  6. You can still make a donation. You do not have to join a group to do so. Most sims that accept donations to help pay for tier have a donation box you can pay the Ls into. There are many ways you can donate and none of them require a group.
  7. None, because you didn't say the cards were blue. The way these are worded you could be saying the bag is blue with a red interior. That makes it blue on both (out) sides as well as blue on one (in)side and red on the other (in)side.
  8. No, all the stores do not do it and no, people do not "easily drop their Ls". Charging more than 5 - 10 Ls to join a group is nothing more than unadulterated greed. I will not contribute to your greed for my hard earned dollars. I'd much prefer to keep a roof over my head and food on my table. In real life.
  9. I don't know who you think you are talking to but you obviously don't. I've been in SL since 2004 and I do keep up with Philip and HiFi. I'm not an idiot or an imbecile. Do NOT treat me like one.
  10. You knew the answer but you didn't tell a lie because what you said is true, just not the answer.
  11. You shouldn't have left him in the attic that long. Try a closet next time so you'll remember when he starts knocking... oh look! a butt-er-fly!
  12. Dave? Why are you trying to eat Snugs?
  13. Sometimes I wonder if we aren't related somehow. Sometimes.
  14. Philip doesn't want Linden LAB (no S) back. It's not his 'baby' any more. HiFi is.
  15. https://definitions.uslegal.com/i/inalienable-right/ Unalienable... inalienable... hmmm.
  16. Just when you were getting warm... you take a wrong turn. Darn. I tried.
  17. Precisely. It intensifies, it does not negate. And if you care to dig a little deeper you might see what I see. If not.... I might still respect you in the morning. Maybe. I'll think about it.
  18. Am I really the only one that sees the similarities between the two sentences?
  19. We all have the right to live don't we? Let's say the answer to that is yes. On one hand we have someone saying that the right to live can be taken away by the act of murder. On the other hand we have someone saying that right can't be taken away because (even though you are now dead) you still have the right to live. Both things are true. Think about that.
  20. No, it's always been a case of earnings over a certain amount established by the IRS which, in the past, had been anything over $600.00 USD. So if your earnings (money withdrawn from SL) for the fiscal year totaled $600.01, you must, by law, file a federal income tax return. I think the $600 was changed to a lower amount a few years ago. Or it may have been changed to the $600. I'd have to look it up again to be certain but the exact amount is beside the point. The point is, by law, if you have an income over a certain amount for the fiscal year, you must file a federal income tax return and LL must send you a 1099 showing the income (and the amount) has been reported to the IRS. And that certain amount is relatively a low amount. ETA: I should also mention that it is $600 per fiscal year from all sources of income, not just SL. LL is still required by law to send the 1099 on withdrawals over a certain amount per fiscal year.
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