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  1. With MOAP,* you don't need a tv in SL anymore. Haven't needed one in about 5 years or so. *Media On A Prim
  2. *feedback* Paging @Whirly Fizzle, *feedback* paging Whirly Fizzle. Clean up on aisle 7, please. *ear piercing feedback* Sorry about that folks. Now that I have your attention...
  3. Differences in time zones isn't a reason to block someone. That's BS. The small mind of a petty person.
  4. At that time you had violated TOS as it wasn't stipulated in the TOS that it's ok to send chat logs to a Linden. It's in there now because of all the constant arguing and bickering over if you could or couldn't. You always could, just the TOS didn't specifically say you could. Now it does.
  5. Last I knew it was still Havok 7 which they were still playing with testing in 2011. I was gone for a few years so if they upgraded during that time I wouldn't know about it.
  6. Are you seriously attempting to justify griefer behaviour?
  7. I should make that my next project. But first I gotta find an up to date rezzer script so I can pack the furniture instead of trying to link it all. Linking works up to a point. But at least this way I will know exactly how much LI will be used before rezzing since I can add that info to the object name. Hopefully whatever script I end up using (old or new) will allow me to link the rezzer box to the house/skybox so I can just unlink, rez, place and then delete the rezzer box. A lot of work just to have quick set ups but I feel it is worth the hassle.
  8. I usually don't mind, if you ask first and aren't wearing a Heath Ledger Joker avatar.
  9. I'd say they are the same. The stripes don't match up at the seams on both. Same pattern and when linked it would be 1LI.
  10. This was from a couple of days ago. First time someone ever tried griefing me in a sandbox in 14 years. And a wannabe Joker at that. Never met this person before, never spoke to him before he just showed up on the platform I was using. I was busy and didn't give a flying flip what his RL last name was. I just wanted to be left alone so I could get something accomplished. He must have thought he was being clever with his pickup line. Didn't work on me. [11:24] Joker Wannabe: found you [11:25] Selene Gregoire: Please leave. I'm busy. [11:25] Joker Wannabe: cute [11:25] Joker Wannabe: your last name [11:25] Joker Wannabe: is basically my name in RL [11:25] Joker Wannabe: hmm [11:25] Selene Gregoire: So? [11:25] Joker Wannabe: ill spare you [11:25] Joker Wannabe: just cause of that [11:25] Selene Gregoire: Oh fork* off already. [11:25] Joker Wannabe: oh... [11:25] Joker Wannabe: lol Apparently he thought a follower would cause me to crash. I just picked my stuff up after blocking him, TPed home to get rid of the pathetic follower then went back to a different platform and started work again. Lame griefer is lame. *That isn't the word I actually used.
  11. My evidence says otherwise. There are many copies. And should something ever happen to me, like spontaneous combustion, the whole world will know... ...right before it all goes up in flames.
  12. Lunchbox sporks don't have handles per se. You use it more like a shovel with the spoon part being the "handle". duh!
  13. The dream will end with you waking up when you hit the floor after falling out of bed.
  14. I didn't have the heart to burst any bubbles. Thanks for letting them down easy.
  15. Daz has come a long way since the beginning. Nice work!
  16. Most demos are no copy/no mod in my experience so I make liberal use of those two filters to eliminate all demos and gachas.
  17. I'm not talking about multiple personalities. I'm trying to explain something that doesn't have any English words to describe unless you happen to speak Lakota? No? Didn't think so. Thanks for the insult to my intelligence.
  18. I do not like Giphy because half the time the images won't load on forums... besides... why not save the images to your HD and drag and drop them to your post from a folder?
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