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  1. *peeks in* Are the heavy guns here yet? No? Ok... ...bbl
  2. /me runs before the heavy guns arrive
  3. You had plenty of time today. Instead of spending it all on the forum you could have used some of that time to ask the proper sources questions. Like has been said all along that you refused to see, without the full cooperation of all gacha creators, there is no way to do so. Even with their full cooperation someone has to be in charge. LL isn't going to spend money on it. Putting a resident/creator in charge or even a committee of some kind will have the same drama and issues that all other similar endeavors have encountered. Eventually, they all went belly up because it got to be too much crap to deal with. The creators have groups and group notices so they can notify people if they are retiring something.
  4. Oh for Pete's sake. Talk to the creators! They're the ones that set those rules. They are the ones who determine when or if a gacha is retired for their creations. Ask them how often they retire or if they retire at all. Just like every other business in SL and RL, you go to the source!
  5. This has never been true. This has never been true. There are so many rumors started in SL... you should always check the facts first.
  6. A-greed. How in the world do you manage to sell anything if you don't understand what I'm saying?
  7. Quantities on inworld vendors can be limited very easily. Most vendors are already scripted to do that and have been for years.
  8. There are only two ways to do what you want. Either pile more work on LL employees and LL pulls the gachas after x amount of time or you pile more work on top of an already heavy work load on the creators. Who are you going to choose to dump the load on to get what you want? Creators or LL?
  9. As far as I am aware, there is only one limit that can be set. Quantity. https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/selling-in-the-marketplace-r88/ It would work for gachas but the gachas would have to be made copyable. From what I've seen gacha creators would have a hissy fit if they were forced to make their gachas copyable. The very reason I won't buy gaches. No copy? No sale. Full stop.
  10. I doubt many gacha creators will agree to a time-frame. They already have a heavy workload and customers want to an additional workload. LL isn't going to set anything up on the MP to automatically pull "out dated" items nor will they set up a separate MP just for gachas. It would not be cost effective for them. Unless merchants don't mind all the fees being raised. Again.
  11. This sounds like you are saying that just because you like a particular designer, their products should cost more.
  12. Gachas being on the MP doesn't really bother me. What bothers me is having to filter them out with no copy/no mod because that means I'm also filtering out things I want or need to see. Which means I may not find what I need and then I'm going to be stressed and pissed because I wasted hours looking for something I had to filter out, then have to waste even more time wading through sheetloads of gachas to find it. If it even exists in SL. When you get to be my age, life is way too short to waste that much time.
  13. My dad finally got his pilot license when he retired. Bought a 45 Aeronca. Last I knew, when he passed, the rest of the family had it repainted (it was green). What's happened to it since I have no idea but if they sold it... someone's head will be on the chopping block.
  14. Just gonna leave this here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_saturation
  15. The sound of the Martian ships opening in the original radio broadcast of War of the Worlds was a mason jar lid being unscrewed from the jar... The sound effects chief was Ora Daigle Nichols *. Foley sound effects are a range of live sound effects originally developed for live broadcasts of radio drama in the early 1920s in various radio studios around the world. Because no effective recording method existed in those days, a sound effects person had to create all sounds for radio plays live. *See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_March_of_Time_(radio_program) Our eyes and ears don't always see and hear what we think we see and hear.
  16. 1. Agree. 2. Agree, with the condition that if the category is removed, all gachas should also be removed. Not something I want to see happen. 3. Agree except those who purchase only a few (or rarely purchase, if at all) are not the target market. It's the ones who, for lack of a better way to put it at the moment, collect gachas. Please note, that the only horse I have in this race is not wanting to have set filters to weed out as many gachas as possible. The search feature is screw ball enough as it is without having to filter out things that are no copy/no mod. Filtering out no copy doesn't exclude all gachas, just most. I don't want to see any unless I am specifically looking for gacha(s). Which, at this point, I have no desire to purchase and likely never will.
  17. Instead of a point system, give credit or some other means of accounting. Point systems are... well... pointless if it takes a long time to build enough points up, even if they do roll over. That's like Office Depot's system. Their points do expire now and you have 30 days to use them. The problem is it takes two weeks for them to put the points you earned on your "account" so you only have two weeks to use them. Which means most people don't use their points at all, unless they are just throwing money away buying things they don't need just to use the points. Not very intelligent.
  18. There is already a system in place for sellers that keeps account of how much you purchase and grants an increasing discount. Something similar could be easily coded or the current gacha system(s) could be modified. This coupled with giving gachas their own section or even their own market place would kill a few hundred birds with two stones.
  19. Everything you need to know about Linden Homes but were afraid to ask:
  20. I got your point. I think you missed mine. Oh well. What confusion emoticon? I stuck my tongue out at you. Here, let me do it again. Neither does Penny, nor is Penny ignorant, nor is she presuming. There are things LL should have done more than a decade ago (many that are still needed) that are still gathering dust because LL doesn't think it's needed. There comes a time when LL depends far too much on resident content creators. That time has come and gone. That needs to change if LL wants SL to be viable and financially feasible for another 15 years.
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