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  1. There are other countries that have banned online gambling. LL isn't going to cut itself off from those countries. So no, it wont' change anything for SL.
  2. Linden Lab has to adhere to California state law and federal law. Tennessee has no jurisdiction over LL.
  3. It isn't a set. I know what I'm seeing every night.
  4. The lead in I'm talking about is of a real diner with a real couple sitting inside drinking coffee at the counter, not sitting at a table. The camera moves in from outside on the street. It's part of a bunch of clips they always show before a movie starts. This isn't CGI or anything like that.
  5. Reminds me of the all night diner in one of the leads in on TCM. Tried to find an image of it but no luck. Although Hopper's painting did turn up a few times so maybe the painting is based on the diner in the lead in. All three closely resemble one another.
  6. Some people tend to be stalker-ish. And if you've ever been stalked (RL or online) you tend to do what you have to do so that your enjoyment of life doesn't have to end. Another reason I appear offline is some guys think their idea of a fun prank isn't the same as mine so it cuts down on the number of strange men dropping into my skybox. I'm also afk a good bit and can be afk for some time, without warning. I build so if you don't happen to catch me before I plop something down to work on I'm not usually going to drop what I'm doing to socialize. I prefer not to have my concentration broken. So my question is, what is wrong with leaving someone an offline if they really are offline? And if they aren't, they will get the message. Or, as you say, just drop a notecard on them. They will either answer or they won't. If they don't, move on. There are 30-50k other people in world at pretty much any given time.
  7. I'm sorry. You have no more control over others on the forum than you do inworld or in RL. LL has already supplied a number of help categories on the forum, none of which fall under the "Make Friends" category you posted this thread in. The same principle that applies to learning how to swim also applies to posting on forums. If you jump into the deep end of the pool without having learned to swim, chances are you will drown if someone doesn't come to your rescue. Same thing with jumping into the deep end of a forum without taking a good look around first. That's a concrete bottom you can bust your head wide open on. Don't do that.
  8. A snow white grande, gilt trimmed, in a field of pristine snow, no trees, no shrubs, any grass is buried under the snow. Draped across the grande is a bolt of blood red satin against a starry midnight sky and one large iridescent raven perched on the music desk, looking out at love. There is no bench.
  9. No, you don't. You are way off. Not even in the same ball park.
  10. I do believe there is an echo in here.
  11. Ah Maddy. You just can't hide that heart of gold can you. If only you could make us all feel safe even in SL. I'm afraid that's not possible, unless you've discovered a way to remove all traces of the experiences. Yet, knowing that there are people like you who do try to make others feel safe, does make a difference. And it can make a huge difference for some. For some of us, ever feeling safe again, is a pipe dream. Be content you don't need to deal with that. Just keep being you. And keep making those small differences. Both are needed.
  12. No, it wasn't. I've been riding motorcycles, horses, hoverbikes, etc and driving cars and boats and flying planes in SL for many years. I also spent over 5 years on the Emerald/Firestorm support team helping people with lag and other issues. Not my fault I don't have near the issues with SL that others have. And no this isn't a gaming machine. Not with a GTX 1050.
  13. A thing, not a person/personage.
  14. There is no connection. While I don't have any kind of inside info I do keep my eyes and ears peeled and remember what I've seen and read. It has more to do with some mismanagement (not any one particular person) and ... well... not everyone always gets along with everyone else. I've noticed the general public's interest has waned as well. So really, it's a combination of things, not just one thing that can be pointed at and blamed.
  15. I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have nobody but come alive with the wind. What am I?
  16. Being drunk in RL is an excuse, not a reason. Excuses don't excuse the behavior. There are trespassing laws in RL. If you are lagging so badly in SL that you are "accidentally invading" another person's home, you've got some troubleshooting to do. My home is there for my use, in the manner(s) in which I see fit. Not yours or anyone else's. You can have a say when you pay for my internet bill.
  17. What doesn't make sense to me is the people who think that just because this is online, they have a right to go traipsing through your home, uninvited, in SL the same as they have the right to go traipsing, uninvited, through your home in RL. Oh wait. They don't have the right to go traipsing, uninvited, through your RL homes. They don't have that right in SL either.
  18. So you just wanted to try to make it look like I was saying something I wasn't saying because other people. Nice.
  19. I only need one really. The original "hand of god" that would crash sims and bring servers to a grinding halt. Then there was the shotgun that would blow avatars off sim region and off the grid. They're buried somewhere in one of my toy boxes. The shotgun still works. Not that I've used it in the past few years. Just played with it once. Or twice. Kinda. Sorta.
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