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  1. Yes, I have owned a few forums in the past 20 or so years. That has nothing to do with attempting to keep the thread on topic for at least the first page or two. I've failed in my endeavor for a helpful thread covering the little things most don't even think about anymore that new(er) people may not have encountered yet. Nothing new there.
  2. Frankly, I don't think anyone finds being yelled at helpful. All caps is still considered yelling in text and rude. I don't think that has changed. I didn't ask you to delete it. But I will ask that you, please, use one of the other forms of emphasis that are available and lose the all caps. (Bold, italics, underline, font color.)
  3. The first thought to cross my mind when I read that was Ebbe needs to eat Rod Humble?
  4. Up until the all caps I thought your post was going to have some good techniques (other than relogging) on how to deal with bad sim crossing (like slow down before hitting the crossing). Sorry. I just don't see this as being helpful, which is the point of posting the things you do automatically that others haven't learned about yet. To me, it comes across as being more critical than helpful. Not at all what I had in mind when I started the thread.
  5. Guys like that aren't worth giving a second thought to. They are attention hounds and will never change.
  6. You know how it goes. Some of us have been in SL for so long we tend to take it for granted others know what we know when the reality is they don't. The little, simple things that we do every day without even really thinking about it. It's become habit for us. A case of "we know it so well we think others know it". So, this is a thread for those who haven't developed those habits yet. Alyona will start us off. 😇
  7. Did you AR the sim owner for allowing adult content on a G rated sim in a public area? 😇
  8. They are now but they didn't really bother for many, many years. A too little, too late situation for most of us that have been in SL for a long time.
  9. Even if I had really wanted an answer to a rhetorical question, your explanation does not address the question.
  10. LL has never allowed the transfer of an account to someone else, even as a "gift". You can bequeath an account but you can only do so with LL's permission first.
  11. Now that sounds so familiar. Where have I seen that before? Oh yeah... SL. Didn't work out too well for SL. Wonder what makes them (LL) think it will work for Sansar?
  12. Truth in advertising? "We don't know what it is other than a place to build in VR but give us your money"? /tongue in cheek
  13. Thank you for telling me what is important to me. I had no idea. Are you trying to educate an ancient SL resident or offering info to the uneducated masses on the forum?
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