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  1. Sorry Paragon but that simply isn't true. There is no way to tell for certain, short of meeting face to face offline.
  2. I don't hop on poseballs with randos as you put it. I am an SL virgin and will always be. Yes, it does happen to those of us who are not in SL for pixel sex.
  3. Yeah, I don't think I can go a month without paying lot rent, utilities and food just to be able to dink around with VR. I'd rather have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food on my table than starve to death for something that doesn't exist in "meat space". Seems like a no brainer to me.
  4. I got your point. It had nothing to do with my question. If I have to pay extra to get the genres of music I like, forget it. They're not getting any blood from this turnip.
  5. Nice! Can you chose the genre of music or do you have to use what comes with?
  6. So just let it continue and we will remain second class citizens for however long Homo sapiens sapiens manages to survive, instead of fighting back and doing your part to make the world a better place for those who come after us. Eff that. I don't like being treated like a piece of property. I'm not an inanimate object. I am a human being.
  7. Not sure how I can explain. Mostly knowing what to look for. Most men have a prominent adam's apple, while most women don't. Physical features that are more or less exclusive to either male or female. The quality of the picture is pretty low so it's hard to see details but they are there. Te one on the far left is obviously, to me, a woman. The one in the blue/purple in the center, her hands give her away. The one on the far right in the back with half a face (lol) is also obvious to me. The one to the right of the woman in the center with the striped <insert proper term I've momentarily forgotten> looks exactly like a guy I once knew... looks a bit like Donald Sutherland, too. A couple of others look like guys to me. If the image were clearer, I would be able to see if they are all women or not. I'd say the chances are they are all women.
  8. Avoidance allows perpetuation. The problem goes far beyond drama. It is deeply rooted in misogyny. How many more centuries are women going to have to deal with that crap?
  9. Gas, grass or @$$, nobody rides for free.
  10. Can you spot the women in this photo? I can. There are at least two, maybe three.
  11. We're trying to discourage the behavior, not encourage it. Females voicing as male in reaction just adds fuel to the fire and sets us all back by 30 years.
  12. And some of us are just too damned stubborn to give up completely, even after walking away for 4 years.
  13. See this guys? This is why, all too often, you'll get the cold shoulder from me from the second you start asking me to voice, send rl pics, or any of those things you ask a woman to do to prove she is a woman. Get it through your thick skulls! We do not have to prove anything to you! Nothing! Zip! Zilch! Nada! Stop falling back on that old defensive bullcrap. You aren't the one being sexually assaulted (verbally). We are! As for things like women should always smile no matter what...
  14. When you can stop looking at the world through the eyes of money, a concept based on placing value on what is nothing more than a rock, you'll have the beginnings of understanding.
  15. Bullcrap. Humans don't need capitalism to want to make better lives for themselves. Capitalism motivates greed, not people.
  16. Sounds like something Jeff Foxworthy said.
  17. It's not supposed to hurt. Not supposed to be at high speed either. It will mellow out over the next few months, if it continues. If it doesn't continue, then you'll just have Ricky Road Racer to contend with. Make sure those knickknacks aren't close to the edge!
  18. Honestly? We all hate it when our forum dramas gets the habeas interruptus. All of us. *waits for the chanting and fire setting to begin*
  19. Didn't say you did either. There was a reason I used the word "IF" and it had nothing to do with drama yet everything to do with a clear understanding. Thank you for clarifying what you did mean.
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