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  1. Now what the heck am I supposed to do with all this popcorn? I can't eat it all! It's too much!
  2. And books don't need charging! or batteries. Or OS updates, etc etc etc.
  3. I still use some sculpts and system layers. Some of the clothing creators still use system layers because many of their customers don't have mesh bodies. I have things from as long ago as 2005, many of which are scripted and still work. I'm not deleting them from my inventory just because you think it affects the economy. You can't force people to spend what they don't have!
  4. Not a problem for me. The 4 years I was gone from SL... I didn't miss it. And no, I didn't go to another grid or some other VW. I didn't even log into STO during that time. I was busy dealing with 2 deaths in the family. There are plenty of times I wish I had never been so eager to have a pc 30 or so years ago. Been through many a year without cable tv as well. There seems to be fewer and fewer worthwhile programs (IMO) so there is less and less to watch. I'd be content with an aeriel antenna. I'd even be happy without as long as I have my books. Preferably hardbacks.
  5. Nerp. Power of wolf who didn't log in because she knew it was going to be messy the first day. Didn't log in yesterday because I didn't want to jinx things. I'm debating about today.
  6. True. And yes, Skye is beautiful. The other half, (who is a MacLeod) and I dream of being able to afford the trip. We really want to move there but that's just a pipe dream.
  7. I have the biggest grin on my face right now. Welcome back! I've been wondering where you were! It makes my heart happy to see you. Didn't we go through the history lecture thing the first time we met? LOL
  8. I have 3... and I've lost count of how many guitars the other half has. lol
  9. Neener I'm older. lol Me? I'm just a plain old eccentric wolf.
  10. Makes a pretty decent philosophy to live by. Oh and you're welcome. Aaaand one more for the road.
  11. We have owned and operated a few clubs in SL. Not only was I the hostess I also ran the light show for the live musicians. I have never had a resident complain that they weren't thanked the right way. What they did complain about was hosts and hostesses gesturbating the "Linden love" bull. That was never allowed in any of our clubs. You can't please everyone so you have to please yourself.
  12. Hopefully the objects were made phantom. Sooner or later some poor sap will be riding or driving down that road then blam! and it won't be a security orb. I wonder if the alien had good insurance.
  13. Believe me, I had the brake pedal through the floor board. Someone like that isn't worth getting banned over.
  14. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One man's trash is another man's treasure. The world does not revolve around you. There is no excuse or reason for not allowing others to enjoy the things they like. You do not have to go where the alien is. SL is a big place. There is room for things like dead aliens on roads. You may want to go find your sense of humor. You seem to have lost it somewhere along the way. You know, if you use Firestorm, you can always derender it. Then you won't ever have to see it again yet others will be able to appreciate the humor.
  15. I wasn't sure you'd get the historical reference. Just don't drink any "red wine" while you're there.
  16. I know that feeling. All. Too. Well. I just can't afford land any more so I tend to spend all my time on a build platform in a sandbox.
  17. If your last name is Campbell, don't go to Skye.
  18. I still wanna park my trailer next to your barn. Even more so now. 👼
  19. Not worth going to take a gander at now. The ambiance has been destroyed.
  20. A simple thank you is more than sufficient. No need to advertise you got a tip. The people who tip know what the thank you is for.
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