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  1. How about have some patience instead? These things take time. Weeks and months of time. Or would you prefer LL go back to pushing things out before they are ready? I'm sure those who weren't around from 2003 to 2007 would just love being able to experience all the crap those of us who were here had to put up with. All the down time due to things being rushed and deployed before they should have been. Like the time the grid was down for a whole week in 2005 and LL had to refund people's money because they hadn't thought to add such a clause to the ToS.
  2. Sorry, it is a fact that SL is not a dating site. Not that it can't be used as one. I wouldn't recommend it though.
  3. Oh, you mean one of those marketing schemes that inevitably backfire? I seriously doubt it. This time around the Linden Homes are selling themselves because they are so much nicer than the old ones.
  4. You know, if I hadn't started playing hidden object games for the first time this week (completed 4!) I'd never have noticed that spool of cable and the stack of boxes look fake. At least the slippers and rabbit are real. Pay attention to the direction shadows fall in and it isn't so obvious. Oh and April is cute but the purple bunny is cuter. And clean up that room!
  5. To determine whether or not you want to associate with someone solely (which is what is being said here) on their appearance? That's not ok. Doesn't matter if it's height, weight, skin tone, or anything else. You shouldn't judge a person by their exterior because you don't know their story and appearance by itself won't tell us everything we need to know about that person. Like the saying goes - we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, you may miss out on a good story. We can only understand the person after interacting with them and that takes time and effort. Moreover, some people may only have an external appearance without "content", hence, we need to give ourselves a fair opportunity to interact and evaluate the other person. Judging others merely by appearance isn't much different than stereotyping. If you aren't willing to take the time and effort to get to know someone at least a little before making a judgement call, then why would anyone want to know you?
  6. We have an ant problem here, too. Can't seem to get rid of the little buggers but eventually I'll get it taken care of. I just wish the pest control company I used to ese had offices here. At least our ants aren't ones that are venomous, like fire ants. The bites hurt but they don't get infected.
  7. https://www.networkworld.com/article/2320790/infrastructure-management-when-animals-attack.html
  8. Well you might as well write me off completely then because I'm not about to spend money I don't have to spare buying mesh bodies and heads for all of my accounts just to suit someone who appears to be somewhat shallow minded. Perhaps you just aren't thinking things through quite all the way. https://ryanschultz.com/2018/03/14/discrimination-in-second-life-based-on-avatar-appearance-dont-be-a-meshist/
  9. Boy does it ever! . HOAs are about the only thing I may actually hate, rather than just have a strong dislike for. It's MY home and if I want to paint it pink and purple polka dots with green and yellow stripes that is exactly what I will do. Don't like it? Sucks to be you. And that's a general "you", not anyone in particular. I'll live in a freakin cave before I ever live in an HOA neighborhood.
  10. While it may be rather rare there are those people who don't log in much. Perhaps because they have a very busy RL and don't have a lot of time to spend on making over their avatar. I'm curious as to why it is so important to you when it's the personality behind the avatar that makes the person, not the avatar itself.
  11. It may have been fun for you but where was the fun for us? Why not just ask a Linden instead of making a thread that is needless. As I said, you could have done this in the derail thread where it belonged. Even better you could have asked a Linden. As far as I am aware, there are no rules against private messaging one.
  12. Sometimes cables get rat/mouse chewed while in warehouse/storage. I've had field mice as pets before. The last one I had I found in a box we had brought home from storage. So, it isn't always a technical explanation. Which is what I suspected. And yes a bunch of my things were mouse chewed. Including two of my favorite Christmas sweaters.
  13. I'll bet everyone will be checking cables as soon as they pull them out of the box from now on. LOL
  14. @April Linden What I want to know is if the problem with the second router was a manufacturer's defect of some kind. What, precisely, was the issue? Defective cable? Router? What? I understand about DDoS attacks and don't have a problem with LL doing every thing they can to combat such things. I just want to know what caused the router/cable to fail. In layman's terms, please. Some may not think this is vital information for residents. I do. It helps us to understand better why some things are done the way they are and could possible helps us in the future if we have troubles with our routers at home or even at work. Honestly? I really, really dislike being a mushroom and kept in the dark. I prefer to avoid as many "bombshells" in my life as I can.
  15. Wait... what? LL hasn't limited how long our posts can be? That's a first. Someone must have overlooked or forgotten a setting.
  16. Well? Is there? What is it if there is? Oh and you could have used the derail thread for this rather than creating a new thread. Character limit is per post, not per thread. lol
  17. I'm so used to making do with under 100 prims... what I could do with 300. Oh man. I think I'm gonna go sit in a corner and sulk.
  18. That would be a great match with the one I have that says "I'm up and dressed. What more do you want?"
  19. Look at it this way, Skell. It's his loss. He is the one that will be running around SL improperly attired since he chose to ask a woman instead of the one man in SL that could dress him to the nines without spending a small fortune. More often than not, gay men prove to be much better at this sort of thing than hetero women. Although I do consider myself to be an "exception to the rule". I have my mother to thank for her simple elegance.
  20. Perhaps, if you gave older people more of a chance, you'd find you have a lot more in common with them than you think.
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