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  1. Well... we don't have to answer them. We don't even have to point them to the correct post in that closed thread that some brilliant person so intelligently closed. We could be meanpoopie heads and let LL deal with the backlash/aftermath of their own making. They are, after all, the ones that started this whole mess. Again.
  2. You always were a stabby little, trident toting, firestarter. Emphasis on little.
  3. Every time I've seen LL promise one, they've never delivered. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. I never said anything about when. Never mentioned a year. You just assumed that is when I was thinking about. It wasn't.
  5. Now you're just trying to make the rest of us guinea pigs resentful.
  6. Kardashians/Cardassians on SL? Who the frak cares. Not I.
  7. *gets all up in the refs face screaming gibberish and spittled curses while the censor only manages to bleep out half to words*
  8. There aren't any. And only one person metes out the punishment for imaginary infractions. Not only is it heavy handed, it's cack handed. From one extreme to the opposite, with nothing in between. Worst forum moderation I've encountered in over 20 years. Second only to another forum I no longer have any desire to be abused on.
  9. I learned how to create shapes in 2004. Not sure what part of that you aren't getting. I've been creating shapes for 15 years.
  10. You didn't think I could do it, didn't you. Hah! Little does Miss Piggy know...
  11. As it turns out, the answer to my question was "no". I even had to read all but the last paragraph to find that info. I had to read stuff that didn't really pertain to my question. Thanks for the help. Oh and that last paragraph was one sentence.
  12. Never ran across that problem. Like I said, I did the research first. I created my own shape for both body and head. Like I said, I did the research first. You can even find my posts on the forums asking about them back in October/November. I've been in SL long enough to know what I'm doing for the most part.
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