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  1. The paranoia on this forum is palpable. I've had all I'm going to deal with.
  2. What? No. Of course not. Nevermind. Done with the special snowflakes. Done with being accused of things I haven't done or said. Pancake posse strikes again.
  3. It doesn't refer to anyone and wasn't intended to be answered. Its sole intent was to be amusing before it got too deep in here and the thread gets locked.
  4. And not a thought given to those who have hearing loss or are fully deaf.
  5. Except for one thing. That isn't what SL is about. Those who want to be isolated, already are. Those who don't, aren't. That isn't going to change as long as people have a choice between mainland and private estates. If you start trying to force this kind of stuff on people... you think SL is a wasteland now. You haven't seen anything yet. Of course, if your end goal is SL and Sansar shutting down, well... keep on trucking, I guess.
  6. That may be what they are for but that doesn't mean that is what people want. Obviously, what you want and what others want are completely different things. If people don't want to live on parcels like those, they aren't going to. And there's nothing you or LL can do to force people into doing so. People always have the option to not own land or rent somewhere else that is more to their liking. Be that mainland or private estates. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.
  7. The only difference (so to speak) between a scripted agent and a traffic bot is the purpose for which they are intended. Scripted agents have many uses. Traffic bots are scripted agents.
  8. A memorial for a friend from Active Worlds is what brought me to SL in the first place. RIP illume. You are still missed. And your little acid peeing fairy friend.
  9. I think it's pretty obvious why most of those parcels are empty. I wouldn't want to live there either. There is nothing appealing about those parcels.
  10. There's one problem with this. Most people aren't looking for isolation. They're looking for privacy. Major difference between the two things.
  11. They have good reason for not releasing in large batches. Server load and well... you've seen it here for yourself. Releases will be more frequent with smaller batches but spread out enough to reduce the load. Patience and perseverance will get you your Linden Home.
  12. I do agree with you. It was not meant to be sarcastic at all. It was meant to be amusing.
  13. People are making the huge mistake of trying to lump more than 3 generations into one simply because some else decided to give generations a name. I do NOT belong to the same generation as my parents and my grandparents. And before anything happens, I was typing this post when Jagix posted so I didn't see it until AFTER I posted.
  14. Everyone! Quick! Get under your desks, place your heads between your knees, cover your heads with your arms and kiss your butts goodbye! I agree with Hale!
  15. Periodically I will go through my Landmarks folder and delete the ones that are no longer valid. This means tping to each one to check it, which only takes a few seconds, because I'm not one to rely on Search to check. Sim might still be there but that parcel may not be what it once was and the only way to be absolutely sure is eyes on. I'm certain I am not the only one that does this so this explanation does account for some of it.
  16. I was trying to lighten the mood a bit with Morse Code. Would be nice but hey, it's LL.
  17. Not many years ago (2008/9) I worked for a company (XPAND Beaverton) assembling 3D glasses for theaters. I see they've finally made them available to the public. http://xpandvision.com/products/universal-3d-glasses-x103/
  18. Ah! *light bulb over head goes on* Now that I get what you are saying, how is not having a covenant on mainland yet having one on the Linden homes any different than the city's laws being being more restrictive than a smaller community's? Or city and state, state and federal. I see nothing wrong with having different sets of rules for different situations. Which is all LL has done with the Linden homes. They're a bit different situation from Mainland.
  19. After talking with the other half last night (he's been building bikes in SL since 2005), he reminded me that there is a certain script out there that will do exactly as the OP describes, KCP. Click on the tank and look for a camera menu option.
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