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  1. Thank you for your help. You made me think differently. With this I discovered another command to put in the script. I used llGetWallclock and now I'm testing.
  2. Does a Restart Region affect the activation time of an object that contains an llSetTimerEvent script? I created a script inside a single object to light on and light off lamps and torches using an llRegionSay that is listened to by lamp and torches containing llListen. The time to turn the lights on and off coincides with the real-time schedules determined by me. Script starts immediately with a touch (only owner) performed in one of the times I describe below. At the beginning of this script there is an llSetTimerEvent command. The initial event is an llRegionSay with command for lighton for objects that are listened to by objects. After that there is an llSleep inside the TimerEvent that lasts for 20 minutes keeping the lights on. After this there is another llRegionSay to turn off the lights that is received through llListen that is listened to by these objects. In addition, after the lights are off there is an llSleep that lasts 3 hours and forty minutes. After this last sleep the lights come on again. With this I have a shift of 4 hours. Always turn on the lights automatically at 03:50 AM, 07:50 AM, 11:50 AM, 03:50 PM, 07: 00 PM, 11:50 PM (Real Life Schedules) after I make the first touch at one of these times. Always, after 20 minutes the lights are off. This set always worked perfectly. Today after a restart region made by Liden Labs the lights start time (Real Life) was delayed about 40 minutes. This happened without my interference. It was all working perfectly for days, and it happened automatically after the Restart Region. This is the reason for my question. Um Restart Region afeta o tempo de ativação de um objeto que contem um script llSetTimerEvent ? Eu criei um script dentro de um objeto único para light on e light off lampadas e tochas usando um llRegionSay que é escutado por lamp e tochas que contem llListen . O horário para acender e apagar as luzes coincide com os horários da vida real determinado por mim. O Script inicia imediatamente com um touch (only owner) realizado em um dos horários que descrevo abaixo. No início deste script há um comando llSetTimerEvent . O evento inicial é um llRegionSay com comando para lighton para os objetos que é escutado pelos objetos. Após isto existe um llSleep dentro do TimerEvent que dura 20 minutos mantendo as luzes acesas. Após isto existe outro llRegionSay para apagar as luzes que é recebido através de llListen que é escutado por estes objetos. Além disto, após as luzes estarem apagadas existe um llSleep que dura 3 horas e quarenta minutos. Após este último Sleep as luzes novamente acendem. Com isto eu tenho um turno de 4 horas. Acendem sempre as luzes automaticamente as 03:50 AM, 07:50AM, 11:50AM, 03,50PM, 07:PM, 11:50 PM (Horários da Real Life) depois que faço o primeiro touch em um destes horários. Sempre, após 20 minutos as luzes são apagadas. Este conjunto sempre funcionou perfeitamente. Hoje após um restart region feito pela Liden Labs o horário (Real Life) de start das luzes foi atrasado aproximadamente 40 minutos. Isto aconteceu sem minha interferência. Estava tudo funcionando perfeitamente durante dias, e aconteceu automaticamente após o Restart Region. Esta é a razão da minha pergunta.
  3. LL changed classifieds ranking criteria ?????? I dont know it. If you know, please copy and paste the link for me. I think that is a bug.
  4. This is not a matter of taste. The point is that there is an error. This error results in loss.
  5. LL won't provide a list of specific most-searched words ... This is not the problem. I could have used any other word in my classified. I used the words and Bikini Bikinis to example. The problem is the amount paid, and non-exact sequence, based on these values
  6. This has always been the rule. The description was made ​​in descending order of value. Otherwise, why pay more? Gift for LL ????? :smileytongue:
  7. Because many people also look the classified within the viewer. They look to SEARCH>CLASSIFIEDS>FIND .
  8. I used two ways ( BIKINI AND BIKINIS). What I did was to demonstrate that the price is not following the rank. * Sorry , my english is small.
  9. In version1 of the viewer , using the word "bikinis" in the SEARCH (Classifieds), my mall is twenty-seventhon the rank ( value of my advertising is L$ 355). In the latest viewers (2 an 3) the rank of my mall is to the forty-third. Using singular word "Bikini", the rank of my mall is eighty-fifth (using the viewer version 1) . In the new viewers, I can not even find. The amounts paid are not determining the decreasing sequence of rank. This problem disturb the business. :smileysad:
  10. Itazura Radio wrote: Linden Lab is not going to play "judge" or arbitrator,,. Ok ,,, Ok.
  11. Thanks for your reply. I continue with my question, I can even expand it. The SL allows this kind of unethical act "that inflicts damage to money", on top of other people? It is fraud to sell a product, pack franchise, promising a opportunity to money-making, when in a moment later, this product will be used in the opposite direction? A double damage: loss of money spent on purchasing, and loss of customers in the store. I keep waiting for a reply form, coming from the LL, not for me but for all people, that somehow has its second life into this game, creating their own characters, professionalizing their avatars as franchised dealers or professions related to this. Surely, at this moment, my character is hated by all people who practice this kind of "unethical behavior". People who feel besieged having their own selfish interests, blocked by the great judge. Earlier this year, I was rigged by hackers in the SL. The LL was fast, efficient, perfect to stop any act of harm upon me. More than that, it reversed all the damage caused. I know the efficiency of LL when he decides to look for something. I know the efficiency of LL when it decides to interfere in anything. This is what the people "unethical" fears. Maybe, who knows? Perhaps enough that everyone who had a little curiosity, post talking to LL, to post questions to "God." Post a simple question for BigBrother: Tell us, what do you think about this? The LL is the big brother. LL is a great judge. We need to know the verdict from him. Cristine
  12. Thank you ! I replied you too. I created this topic here, so do not create / franchisors answer the topic. This is necessary as consumers and others also give their own opinion. This is necessary to make everyone aware of the problem. We need to let everyone know, what might be happening behind the sending of a "single" landmark or a "single" notecard. The people need to know, that through these items, there may be an unethical act. Hugs Cristine
  13. Look at too on this link http://blogs.secondlife.com/thread/41754 , and you will understand my question.
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