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  1. Many of my friends my age and older have since left the game, rarely come in or have moved onto other things. The friends I do have are younger and have their own family and cliques that I just don't fit in with. It's bad when you have to ask over and over what some of the abbreviations and chat logo means, LOL. I plan on checking out the places referred to me this weekend. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi, my SL name is Vixen Rau and I'm seeking friends closer to my age. Over 35, if that's possible to find these days. I'm not a fan of cliques but I love to laugh, hang out and just have fun. Just seeking others like me ...I'm quiet at first but wickedly fun once we bond. Second Life isn't like it used to be and I just want to bring some fun back to my SL. Just message me here or in world.
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