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  1. I am starting to think its the viewer too to be honest. I am saddened to hear the phoenix viewer is disappearing. So I guess I will have to find something else to get used to. Thank you again for all your help.
  2. Thank you fro replying. I do appreciate your help even if in french rofl. I did that and it had no effect rather then just switching my buttons on my mouse. Its weird, The object won't even highlight and the pie menu, when it pops up, won't let me select any option on it at all. The sit wedge is highlighted blue and I automatically sit. So I am not sure what I am missing.
  3. I am a long time sl user but been out a year or so and just got a new mac book pro and a first time apple user. I am using pheonix which I always used. When I right click on objects to either delete, edit, buy or what ever the only thing that happen is the sit section is hlighted on the pie menu instantly and my av sits automaticly. Its driving me mental. It will not allow me to do anything else. I have tried everything I can think of. I have looked in all menues and sub menues and tried other viewers too. So I am hoping other mac users might be able to help me to see if its something that I might be missing with the mac as its a bit differnt then a pc as I am finding out lol. Thank you all for your help. Piper
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