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  1. Awesome! This is what happened to me the other day when I placed some items in my store before they were listed. I have a ghost item that I can't delete and it's been driving me nuts! the one from the 21st is the one that's been there forever, and when i reuploaded some items, I had one missing again. I will be sure to send a ticket. Thanks!
  2. Hi All: I just created my store on the Marketplace, and when I had uploaded my creations, for some reason, I have a listing, that's unlisted and inactive, that i keep getting notifications about in my email that it's not being delivered. I've tried to delete it, and it won't delete. It has contents, but not contents that I want to use. Has anyone had this issue?
  3. OH, I'm with ya on that! I can't stand to sit for like...10 minutes waiting for someone to post. Sometimes, during that type of rp, I just talk in IM to friends, or sort through my inventory...and I do type quickly, too..hehe.
  4. Hi Everyone: I was wondering, how exactly sim traffic is measured? I role play on a new sim, but the traffic is nearly nil on some days. How can I increase the traffic? I sit in character on the sim, sometimes, the entire time I'm logged in. Is there someway that I can increase my sim traffic? I've advertised as much as I can to attract more people. Thanks
  5. Thanks for everyone's thoughts and inputs. It's probably my graphics card As far as the texture rendering on mesh, I can see how that can lag a sim, if you're using 1024's on everything. I don't know a lot about mesh (obviously). The mesh wall I acquired was from the SL marketplace, so I didn't really know anything about the impact it would make. It was textureless, and I added a texture to it, and after that, I just placed 4 of them. stretched out. Meh. Anyway, I DO like all of the mesh creations. I just have to learn to do the mesh...someday...I'm currently learning Blender...it's slow...but I'll get there!
  6. Hi All: Is it just me, or does mesh seem to create more lag? I've noticed that the more mesh buildings, caves, etc, that there are on a sim, the more the lag spikes. Plus, I own a 1024 parcel, and I was using a mesh wall (I put up like 6, at 1 prim each) that basically ate up all of my prim count. Personally, for me, I rather like the old prim/sculpty creations, since it seems like there is less lag and such. I'm also beginning to think that NO ONE really builds anymore, because there are so many mesh creations. All a mesh creator has to do, is basically upload their build to see if it will rez...as far as I know, that is. Any thoughts?
  7. Wow..didn't know TMP was that crappy. It sounds as if it's a scam, really. It's a wonder SL hasn't shut them down over the fact that they're swindling people out of their lindens.
  8. I was going to be looking into fitmesh. I just bought a fitmesh outfit, and I like how I didn't have to conform my body, or nearly make my body invisible to fit it...LOL. I'd rather just make all fitmesh instead.
  9. Thanks for your input :). I think that perhaps I will make the standard sizes and a few 'special' sizes, giving the dimensions so that buyers will know.
  10. Hi All: I was wondering: I'm learning the mesh thing now...just starting..and I was wondering if I can make clothes to any shape I wish, instead of by the standard sizes? Most of the 'standard' sizes don't fit my av, and I'm tired of having to go to my matrieya hud and clicking on the alphas to keep my skin from poking through..lol.
  11. Ugh..I know what you mean about prims in hair! I've had some hairs that had over 100 prims in them.
  12. I don't worry about it, since I don't make much anyways..LOL. My sympathy to those merchants, though
  13. I currently use a standalone version of OpenSim (which I just started using) and create in that, so that I'm not disturbed as when I'm building in SL. I save my creations directly to my computer, and then when I want to rez them in Second Life, I just import them. So essentially, I don't lose my created stuff . The alphas for all of my created clothing (though I've not created them in a while) are on my comp as well, and I periodically back all of this stuff up. I've been fortunate (knock on wood) to not have an inventory loss yet, or anything so traumatic!
  14. I forgot about the asset box thingy. I remembered a few years back, that some of my sl friends made boxes of all of their things. So, I suppose that's the equivalent of an asset box. I think that I will try that , especially for my textures. I'd hate to lose them all, then have to go all over SL to acquire them again. Thanks for the info. It makes no sense to me why SL isn't more secure. ::shrugs:: I mean, if you own a sim, and you lose things related to that purchase, SL seems to have a backup to that, so why not accounts? SL is ran by a bunch of servers, apparently, and all servers usually are backed up periodically...at least...there has to be more than just one server...LOL. So sorry about your unfortunate circumstances! That really sucks!
  15. R: Are you a real girl? Me: Why, are you a real dick? LOL!! That was a great one!
  16. I never knew how much scripted collars affected overall sim performance until I tried to get into a Gor sim with one on. The thing had like...40 scripts in it! Combined with what I was wearing, I was over 100 scripts so I couldn't be on the sim.
  17. If there are lots of avatars on a sim, it can get uber laggy. So, it's not necessarily scripts. Lagginess is better controlled on your part by having a good graphics card. Sometimes the lagginess of great looking sims is hard to control. I've seen many beautiful sims that I couldn't move it, it was so laggy!
  18. Ok..here's the pic of my AV...NOW hehe. For propriety's sake, it's not a nudie
  19. Did you try and do a return on the items left over? Granted, if they're particles leaking into the sim/parcel you're on, chances are you can just return the ones that come into your area. If you have estate priviliges, that is. I had a prob where someone in another sim next door to mine had some particle thingy that shot out pink boxes. Drove me nuts! It would place 3-6 prims on the parcel at one time. Lucky for me, it was the property of one of the tenants' friends on the sim I was on. It was resolved to say the least . Good luck with your prob
  20. Well, I could always post a nude one..can I do that?LOL
  21. Ack! I experience serious lag every weekend on SL now it seems. It's really irritating to build when things don't rez immediately. SL is more laggy now than it's ever been. I've even noticed now that some sim owners have script limits to their sims, which is great. It keeps the lag down considerably.
  22. Well, if you are the creator of the script, you can just right click--Edit and go to the Contents part of the object and see the scripts. You can't edit scripts that are no modify. So, you'll never be able to see them.
  23. I heard of a program a few years back. It was free, and I created an animation with it. I was wondering: is this program a current one of the same one I mentioned? If so, where do I download it, and is it free?
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