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  1. Its real childish that the person who keeps commenting on my posts will not stop harassing me in Secondlife. really pathetic. so therefore I have removed my original post. Can't figure out how to delete it.
  2. We are now hiring dependable waitstaff for Ciao Bella Restaurant. The tips are good if you are willing to work. If you are seeking in world employment that doesn't involve working in a club atmosphere then this might be the perfect job for you! We are a full service restaurant and we offer Roleplay servers & our food is Life scripted. We serve a full menu that includes American cuisine, Mexican, Chinese, A kids menu, & even breakfast! This is a top notch restaurant and our clientelle is growing daily! Unlike a lot of SL employers who post adds and do not respond to you, we will respond!! We are willing to work hard for you so that you succeed! Please send a notecard or an instant message to the General Manager Enjolie Mccullough for an interview. Many times my IMS are capped but if you see I am online feel free to send me an im; otherwise a notecard would be best. Come have a look at the restaurant for yourself! It's beautiful! With an indoor fine dining and an outdoor ocean view dining option. This is SL's premier restaurant http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hartford/91/188/23
  3. Ciao Bella Restaurant is a full service Family Restaurant with a full menu. We serve America cuisine, Medican, Chinese, & also have a kids menu and booster seats available! With Live service Ciao Bella is unlike any restaurant experience in SL. No more waiting for someone to log on! We also have a full menu where every item is priced; NO surprises and you can dine on any budget! No expensive one size fits all packages like other SL restaurants! If a member of staff is not standing in the restaurant there is a staff wall that will show you i green who is currently available! I am available anytime I am logged in to serve you and your loved ones! We have two dining areas. One indoors, and one outdoors by the ocean! Beautiful views you have to see to believe! Not your average SL Restaurant! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hartford/89/184/23 Ask for Enjolie Mcculough
  4. Hello there. I am interested in helping you. I am a custom sign maker and a builder. I make shops and other items and things that you may need and I am interested in helping you. I also know terraforming etc. Send me a notecard of a message in world but if I am not online a notecard would be best Thanks Enjolie Mccullough
  5. Bailie's is a Cirque' themed club and is currently hiring dancers, escorts, djs, and hosts! I can interview you and hire you tonight!!! Just IM Enjolie Mccullough to schedule an interview. If I am not online you can stop by the club and fill out an application and return it to me Enjolie Mccullough and I will meet up with you! Looking for fun energetic people who love to have fun and want to get in on the ground level of a brand new club and willing to work to build this club into all of our dreams! Follow this to the inworld Club location! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dokkaebi/26/23/3006
  6. Bailie's Caberet is a brand new club with a very unique and beautiful antique Circus feel to it and we are hiring Dancers, Escorts, Hosts, and Djs ASAP! This is a ground floor club that is just starting out and we are looking for individuals who want to help build their success! We are open to any ideas you my have! Join us and we can all become one big happy family! For Immediate interview send completed application to Enjolie Mccullough! Could have you hired by tonight!!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dokkaebi/28/28/3006
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