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  1. I am using the Freya head, so assuming it has these options? I am not in world at the moment, but will give this a go tonight. Thank you so much!
  2. No, I had the Eyes Rig on... Not sure how to set the mesh eyes to BOM?
  3. I just finally went BOM and all is great except for my BOM eyes...they keep looking up! How can I fix this please? Oh, and I have a Catwa head. https://gyazo.com/91b3ddeb3e0b88559cac2daa0f7034c1
  4. My boyfriend recently switched to a Legacy Body and is having a hard time finding casual clothes. We have been all over the grid, and so far only Cold Ash had anything that he liked - jeans and denim shirt. Where else can he try?
  5. Thank you - I will check those out!
  6. Looking for a decent Gown AO. Suggestions, please?
  7. Maia Beltran


    Truth has a couple that may provide that look (I have both)...Elixir and Poetry (think this one is still the group gift)
  8. Yep! I edited my last post...clicked the zero on the Maitreya HUD and that fixed it! Yayyy!
  9. Looking at both, but I don't see actual numbers? On the Catwa, it seems to just give an option for male or female... ***Editing to add: I "think" I just fixed it. There were several numbers on the Maitreya HUD, but none seemed to be highlighted. I clicked on the zero to see what would happen, and it seems to be gone.
  10. Hey Marianne! We are 650m up, on a platform.
  11. After an 8 yr hiatus, I came back in this past May. A friend help me set up my mesh head and body. All has been well, until tonight, and of course she isn't around. LOL! I noticed that, all of a sudden, my head doesn't seem to be attached, at the neck, correctly. There is a tiny gap that is noticeable when my AO moves me around. I don't have the slightest clue how to fix this, or what caused it to happen. I am using a Catwa head, and the Maitreya body. Attaching pics that I hope will show the problem I am having.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions! While, I was still unable to find anything that was close to the Linden Home, I did find a cute cottage.
  13. So, I am an "old" SLifer, and after an 8 year hiatus, have returned. I am waiting to do a land purchase with a friend, so nabbed my free Linden Home, to hold me over. Because I am intrigued with tiny homes, in RL, I chose a camper. I have tried searching everywhere for one like this, for when I have my own land, but have not had any luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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