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  1. Thanks again, Skell! Yes, I already reached out on the Genus Discord server, and waiting for advice there. 🙂
  2. Thanks for the fast response, Skell! Now I need someone familiar with a Genus head to assist. LOL! I looked on the HUD but am lost.
  3. So, a very bizarre thing showed up recently while having a professional photo taken. On either side of the bridge of my nose, you can see what appear to be white outlines of eyebrows. Granted, I was under special lighting, but I have no idea what this could be. This isn't something you can see otherwise. Ideas? https://gyazo.com/6fec6390f8ac4df98acfa977a50eb382
  4. I have Disco style dances from "back in the day", but would really like to find some newer ones, made for Bento. Suggestions?
  5. I did not ask them when it happened...I was in shock that it did, and was already dealing with some other issues. I simply logged out right away, but plan on asking them when I go back in again. Yes, think I will be doing the blocking and banning thing.
  6. No, none of those apply at all, and as far as an alt of someone I know, only one other friend has been there and I have known her for 10 years. Of course this has me a bit freaked out, and don't want to have to look over my shoulder wherever I go. I appreciate your suggestions of what it could be 🙂
  7. Sorry if this isn't the right area for this post, but seemed to be the most logical.... Last night, I was at home and a new friend who had never been there, and has not been given mapping abilities for me, was able to TP into my home. I should also add that my home location isn't in any of my picks tabs. How were they able to do this, and is there a way for me to prevent this from happening again?
  8. I am using the Freya head, so assuming it has these options? I am not in world at the moment, but will give this a go tonight. Thank you so much!
  9. No, I had the Eyes Rig on... Not sure how to set the mesh eyes to BOM?
  10. I just finally went BOM and all is great except for my BOM eyes...they keep looking up! How can I fix this please? Oh, and I have a Catwa head. https://gyazo.com/91b3ddeb3e0b88559cac2daa0f7034c1
  11. My boyfriend recently switched to a Legacy Body and is having a hard time finding casual clothes. We have been all over the grid, and so far only Cold Ash had anything that he liked - jeans and denim shirt. Where else can he try?
  12. Thank you - I will check those out!
  13. Looking for a decent Gown AO. Suggestions, please?
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