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  1. Wow i was just about to post this!! THIS MAN HAST TO BE STOPPED! Don't be safish and question why do we do it for them when there are others BULL**bleep** CHILDREN COME FIRST. If we as the people can prove to stop KONY! we can have the confidence and strangth to DO anything!! and make the world a better place!! Thank you for sharing! KONY 2012!
  2. Haha, thanks for the heads up on possible frauds and errors.While i never had a problem like that before, this is why I was concerned with ether shopping In-world or MP and one of my reasons for asking. Much appreciated for taking time to tell me and others this much needed Info for regulars and noobs haha. While I do love shopping Inworld, I do get a bit Impatient with the rezzing and constantly pulling out my catche cleaner and raping my rebake textures keys to get things moving. So sometimes I just use Marketplace and browse while still having the same thought on whats better then the other but like you and someone else said, there's not really a "best" way and It depends on your lifestyle and taste (walking, browsing etc.) that I give a 100% vote In a helpful response, to this question
  3. *Nods* Thanks for the advice and I personally love shopping Inworld for the experiance but MP is a good faster solution if your looking for specifics or just don't wanna wait for rezzing or opening your viewer.
  4. I totally agree. I get a good sense for Items Inworld as well while searching for specifics in Marketplace. I just wanted to see If anyone had the same opinion or better cause I was kind of stuck on which was more convenient for browsing/shopping. ~Thanks for Your help
  5. Opinion Round 2 Anyone? In-world or Marketplace? What do you think Is best to shop for clothes? I know how this sounds and i don't want to bother anyone but I can't help myself.. When it comes to decision making I wanna make the best one I'm happy with and again.. Calling on all long time experienced players in SL to help a sista out. :) Your opinions matter.. I know marketplace usualy gets fast delivery and fails sometimes but I'm just wondering whats the best way to go about shopping for clothes in SL (fashion/quality wise) because I can't decide on anything lol. So if you guys would be so kind as to give me your Opinion on this matter I would greatly apperciate it and would not bother you again!..Thanks. ...Ok, maybe I lied . ..BUT ~ Reply Please and Thank You! ♥ :)
  6. Yes I agree with that but I think u can start with skins then shape too. I'v tryed demos and tryed the info on styling cards to see If thats what I wanted. (from LAQ) Then once I picked my skin, I tryed on different shapes, mixmatch and see what looked good. I also asked some people Inworld who said In simular response to your's. Its all in a matter of opinion..which I apperciate, Thank you.
  7. Well most people arn't good with making there own anything haha and some don't wanna go through the time and effert into trying to create something to look exactly how they want It, especaily for beginners, Plus.. I tryed making my own shape In the image I want.. didn't work lol. So my suggestion would be is search search search and try to find something close to what you want. If something is slightly off then yeah, once you buy it you can most likely modify the features later.
  8. Just wanted to know the opinions of more long time players in SL. I'm still trying to get my general avatar look together. So whats best in fixing up your avatar? (If you don't wanna create your own) ls it best to get a shape u want then trying on a skins to get a good fit? Or the other way around? Or just go to one of these high quality shapes/skin stores and get a shape and/or skin (with styling card included) I want my own personal look but be a Hottie a the same time. Its a pretty tedious task trying to get a look u really want. So What do you think? ~Please reply, Thank You.
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