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  1. Absolutely right. It needs to be a compromise. When I'm o-nline there are always between 40,000 and 45,000 people onli.ne. You can't do it right for everyone. Creating own settings for my place was not so hard to do by importing some WIndlight settings. Detail changes I do when EEP is in a more stable version in Firestorm. I'm happy that EEP goes further improved! Good job for now Linden!
  2. You speak right out of my heart Randy! Sure, we have to learn something new. But I remember back when most people complained about mesh. Now most of them use mesh bodies and heads too and never want to step back. How loud was the complaint about bento. We dont need it they yelled! Today we dont want to miss it. In one year 99% of the users like the EEP. So why shall we renounce an improvement to satisfy 1% of the users? They tell they go elsewhere because SL is broken but you see them writing in the EEP forum every day. I think Linden did already a great work if one wants to learn how to use it. And I'm sure it gets much more improved over time but it needs the help from people to get the input to improve it. On Firestorm a lot got better against the previous EEP beta already.
  3. The question is, why do they set a total bad environment as default? Everywhere I go a place that is capable to show EEP it has a blue fog even inside of clubs (or shall it look like they smoke so much in the clubs). I guess people would think Firestorm turned to ***** and maybe change to another viewer. so for release set a default environment that looks normal. You can avoid a excrement storm on every support site! The beta testers play with the EEP because its their job to do that, they don't need to get pushed into it. 🙄 even the word s h i t s t o r m is replaced by stars.
  4. Bei mir läufts wieder. Möglicherweise war es der Powercycle von 15 Minuten beim Router der mir geholfen hat. war so lang weil es zwischenzeitlich an der Türe geklingelt hat. Auf jedem Fall fluppt es wieder :-)
  5. Die sind ja der Meinung es liegt am deutschen Provider. Und ich vermute mal sie haben recht. Ein Freund sagte er hatte bei einem Spiel (nicht SL) 6000 ms Latenz heute.
  6. Hi ich hab das gleiche Problem. Hauptaccount geht nicht. Alt mit kleinem Inventory funktioniert aber schmiert oft ab bei TP. Natürlich auch Telekom. Komischerweise kann ich den Hauptaccount mit dem Handy wenn es über WLAN am gleichen Router hängt mit Lumiya einloggen ohne Probleme. Also ist es nicht nur das kleinere Inventory. Sieht nach Timingproblem mit Linden Viewer und auch Firestorm aus aufgrund langsamer Verbindung.
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