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  1. I need help, too. Don't know where to start looking. I live in Navigation region and there isn't anything around except houseboats.
  2. I suck at hunts, like where do I even start? I live in the Navigation region. So where do I start searching? Grrrr....
  3. I can't find my controller box on my houseboat. I was wondering about security for it. The only thing I have located on the wall is the house controller but there is nothing about security. Where do I find the content box with the security in it?
  4. where do I go to check to see what is available and choose it? I've searched but can't find it
  5. how drastic ? I might be interested
  6. me, too! But first I need a place to call home! Still waiting and have been looking at abandoned lands. I really would like something where I can surf and swim.
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