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  1. I actually figured this out soon after I posted this. Haha, didn't think it would be that easy.
  2. Hello people! After having a short break from SL almost 3 years I have not been up to date what is happening here. I purchased TMP Legacy Body while ago and cannot seem to figure out how to apply system layers on this body... I'm a creator myself and I want to start creating something new like tattoo''s but seems like just "Wearing" system layers or skin layers doesn't seem to work. So what am I doing wrong or do I need somekinda applier for to wear system layers? So here is example me making my own tattoo which I made quite while ago and it's not appearing on mesch body.
  3. Whirly Fizzle, I seriously love you! Today I went through msi drives on their official website and found out about True Color because origianlly it wasn't installed in my MSI laptop when I received it. So I tried it would be cool to test it out and I regreted installing it. Took me whole day to figure out how to fix this issue, made me almost tear up. But LUCKILY I found this post and installing f.lux and unstilling seem to fix it. So thank you so much again. <3
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