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  1. Ive been trying to figure out how to wear 2 invisable prims with my clothes, like for a dress mesh and sculpted shoes. BTW Jennifer, fantastic style and look !! Kerryn
  2. The other day while at a dance club one gentleman kept spamming the room with "any romantic girl looking for a good man please dance with me." Sounds innocent enough ... But when I perved his profile it was full of sex groups and barely legal teen sex groups. Being the ever helpful mentor I am, I private messaged him the next day and explained that the list of groups might have been too much for a good romantic girl that he was bellowing for every 3 mins. (He was now spamming a dating group I belong to on this day with the same desperate cry.) A tiger will not change his spots as while he was talking about the woman he hoped to meet he then quickly changed the subject to where could he find a sim where he could give exams to naked teenagers and why wouldnt any girls let him near him .... Really? My point is, a lot of people are out there looking for "the one" and we are all guilty of profile perving to get a feel of who this person is. Your profile is like a resume to the rest of us, we get an idea of who the person is that is across the room and we might like to meet. While Im attracted to a nice avatar, a well written profile is way more important to me. Skins and hair and shapes can be altered, who they are, how they speak and react cant. Just curious is all. Have you ever met a person and instantly ran for dem there hills when reading their profile or thought ... not in a million years !! Kerryn
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