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  1. I've never seen this happen before 3.5.2 and 3.5.3. After downloading, I open the .dmg and try to drag the icon to applications. I get a window saying "Preparing to copy to "Applications" " - and that's it. It never copies! Has any Mac user managed to install 3.5.3 ?
  2. Get Blender, which is free from blender.org. There are plenty of tutorials for blender modeling both generally and specific to SL on Youtube. Blender 2.5 / 2.6 are much the same, and have a different and less forbidding user interface than 2.4. Scale and axes in Blender 2.5++ are the same as SL (1 meter = 1 meter, Z is up, axis colors are the same).
  3. Some boats allow you to edit these settings, for example the Trudeaus have a notecard inside them that you can edit to change the angle. It does sound quite wrong to be facing the wrong way though.
  4. Modal The search functionality has two modes Mode 1 with the events / destinations / classifieds Mode 2 with the column on the left. The only way from Mode 1 to Mode 2 is to actually execute a search. To get from Mode 2 to Mode 1 click "Everything" at the top of the column on the left, and sometimes click Places, and sometimes neither works until you relog. Best practice in usability is to Avoid Modes. If Modes are necessary (which they are not in this case) then it should be possible to get from one to the other. For example, make the hide / show for the left navigation bar always available. Partial name search Typing in a partial name (e.g. Aq Para instead of my full name) fails in people search. V 1.23.5 search could do partial name search. Closing on teleport / 15 minute timeout Let the user decide when to close or minimize windows instead of using a timeout or guessing when the user wants to close a window. A timeout will time out when the user does not want it to. If you try to guess what the user wants to do you will guess wrong. Land Search People who are looking for "real estate " do so based on price, prims and square meters. The name of the parcel is not required and not useful. It must be possible to initiate a land search without a search string. The behavior of the left hand search fields and top bar for land search is strange - inputs in one have unexpected consequences in the other. I don't have time to work through this in detail. If I try to delete the search string and search without it, it just comes back again. The sale and rent radio buttons change settings without being clicked. The right answer is probably to have one set of controls and input fields rather than two. Like the V 1 search user interface. Terminology This is not "Real Estate", it's virtual estate. Just call it land. People who are looking for a 512sqm on mainland to rent or buy are going to be confused by the choice between Mainland - Full Region and Mainland - Auction. Mainland - Full Region sounds like you want to buy or rent a whole 256mx256m region.
  5. You can now search for mainland rentals The functionality to find the cheapest mainland for sale per square meter that was available in V1 land search in 2009 now present for the first time in V2. Endless scrolling
  6. There isn't room in that box to describe all the errors here. I will add my own comment below.
  7. Further it's not just pics that don't show. It's also Groups and Picks. And Classifieds have not been showing for some time. As people pay for Classifieds, it's pretty important that they show up.
  8. I have the same problem. If a JIRA for this exists, please post the number. Also, removing the Applications Support folder will delete all chat and IM logs!
  9. @ Fredrik Linden on 02-14-2011 09:43 AM "If we are still having problems with aspect ratio, upload a new picture?" No that won't work - please pay attention while I explain it again... Image in GROUP PROFILE - square! Image for GROUP in AVATAR PROFILE - not square! This can't be fixed by uploading a new image. It will be wrong in one place or the other. Squashing aspect ratio makes images look amateurish and wastes the time that people spend making them. Do some research on Raskin's Laws, stop ruining our content and wasting our time.
  10. Anyone else finding Shakespeare's Pants a problem with this viewer? This is when pants (EN-US) or trousers (EN-UK) appear tight around the ankles like leggings instead of being the expected width at the hems.
  11. You can use the web profiles to share but it's a bit bugged. Open a profile of a person you do not currently have an IM session with, you will see the the actions button, pull it down and click Share, the IM window will open and you can drop something into it anywhere = works. If however you already have an IM window open, Share makes it close. #DEFECT If you have a closed IM chiclet for the person, Share does nothing at all. #DEFECT Of course, if you are already IMing the person you would not open their profile to share something. But share should always work irrespective of what else you are doing. I'm using the IM in separate windows / chiclet method. Anyone using the tabs method feel free to describe how it works with tabs.
  12. Thanks for the update. In general, profiles never fitted into the sidebar properly, so it would be good to be able to have a properly formatted and professional looking profile. As far as I can see, there are just 4 things wrong with this. Starting from friends list, I (on a Mac) right click on a friend and select profile. 1) It takes too long to load the profile. As somebody said above, it should be as fast as loading any ordinary web page. 2) The window opens with my friend's URL but then switches to my URL and loads my profile. #DEFECT! 3) The profile does not show all of my groups and all of my picks, but instead selects 3 of each to show -apparently the first in alphabetical order. They should be 3 that I select if they are limited to 3. 4) Aspect ratio! The group image in the web profile is stretched into a rectangle, but is square elsewhere in the viewer, for example in the group profile. #LAME! Showing an image at anything other than the desired aspect ratio is inexcusable. It makes a mockery of the work that people put into making these images as professional as they can manage. SL's handling of image aspect ratios has been amateurish since I joined SL in 2006. There is no excuse whatsoever for making the group images in the web profile rectangular when you know that people are already using square images elsewhere. What would be an improvement apart from fixing the above? Ease up on the length restrictions for the text and allow formatting. Agreed with others, there are bigger elephants in the room than profiles.
  13. @Adam Spark : I was discussing problems with usability for Group Invites. Obviously open access groups are not subject to these problems and my comments do not apply to open access groups. If you could be in an unlimited set of groups and choose at any time which 40 of them you could chat in simultaneously, wouldnt that be ok? And if LL had to reduce that 40 to 35 next month, that would still be ok. When someone IMs me who is not my friend, I want to be able to click on that IM and invite to group. Count the clicks and keystrokes to find and open the group profile and retype their name there. The system is already showing me the name, I should not have to retype it at all. If you ran an SL business and were ever away from your computer you would understand why mobile group invites are important. The group invitation UI is broken and hopeless. Providing it on the web would be better for everyone and may be easier and more cost effective than fixing the client.
  14. The real test of sim crossings is high speed high prim vehicle crossings. I took one of my rideable sailboats out last night at high speed, notice little bumps at sim crossings but only one occasion where the boat flew up for a while. Any reports from pilots?
  15. The improvements in sim crossings are welcome (even with the deceptive graph axis), but we are still sticking to the same outdated notion of group membership and virtually unusable UI for inviting people to groups. Once again, here is my proposal: a group owner defines people as having PERMISSION to be in the group if the group owner revokes the permission, the person is ejected and can no longer rejoin with permission to be a member, the person can join and leave and rejoin whenever they want... ...and decide whether they want to be in group chat for a given group ...the limit on the number of group chats you can have active at a given time can be varied by Linden Lab without affecting the number of groups you are allowed to be a member of the group owner can give and revoke group membership permission and change roles from a website as well as inworld. In fact I'd take website instead of inworld. fix the UI to work with the minimum number of steps and in the same way irrespective of the person's online / offline status and membership of your friends list. Here once again are the issues with the current group invite UI: Expected: If I click on an avatar name not in my friends list and click through to invite to group, I should be able to invite the avatar to the group WITHOUT RETYPING THEIR NAME Actual: I have to retype their name every time Expected: I can copy and paste their name into the group inviter UI Actual: When the group inviter UI opens YOU CLOSE THE IM WINDOW Actual: If you reopen the window or try to copy the name before inviting, its much harder than it used to be (i.e. in V1.23) to select the name from the IM window and you may get the timestamp as well Expected: the person succeeds in joining the group Actual: nearly every time the person fails to join the group and I have to go through the whole rigmarole again. Expected: I can see who has an outstanding non-accepted invitation to my group Actual: I can't. Expected: If I accidentally mistype a name on a group invite and send it, I can rescind the group invite before the person accepts Actual: I can't. Expected: I can send a group invite using a mobile client Actual: FAIL. It takes too long for the group info to load over wireless - for example, tried for 20 minutes, did not succeed. Invite me to a group FJ!!! Invite me to a group Amanda!!! Using your iPhone from an airport! Please fix this.
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