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  1. So actually, The slice of the pie they take is currently 6% (2.5% processing and 3.5% L$ sales fee) And will increase to 8.5% if the proposed increase to 5% processing happens, this isn't far off that 10%, wouldn't be surprised to see a 1.5% increase in the future honestly. This really sucks for everyone. Creators will either take the cost or pass it on to consumers, who already have to pay $1.5 per upload. A $20 land cost reduction won't be impactful enough to cover the increased premium, the increased processing fee. (especially when it most likely won't be passed on by land barons) I'm all for LL making money, it's good for all if they do, but this is pretty stupid. Oh and knocking down groups for non premium in some attempt to make people buy into a price increased premium where we don't even get to keep our grandfathered status for longer than a year? Not sure if I will be keeping my premium when sub is up, no new features nothing worth keeping it for at ~$26 more. edit: would rather give my 10 shiny new group slots back to non premiums, I don't need extra group slots, premium has plenty.
  2. There are a couple of ways to go about this project depending on how you want it to work. If you are wanting it to be completely remote controlled where you're just watching and controlling then you would have a structure similar to this [HUD] -Main Controller Script -Cam Follower Script [RC Helicopter] -Control Receiver Script The Main Controller would handle inputs from user and then translate them accordingly to the Control Receiver The input would be either movement controls which would be passed through llRegionSayTo() directly to the object by its UUID The Control Receiver would listen in on a negative channel and parse data it receives and then apply the movement you wish to the object The Cam Follower would take user camera controls (PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA|PERMISSION_TRACK_CAMERA) and then on a timer() if object is around and user is still wanting the camera to follow then it would update camera position with llSetCameraParams() Assuming you want to have it so others can watch as someone else controls the helicopter it would be similar to the above except you would most likely just move the controls all directly into [RC Helicopter] and you would just create a Cam Follower Script hud where people can select the object they want to follow by its UUID, exactly like the above scenario except its just detached from control and requires input of the UUID. Some noteworthy comments about the code: -Don't forget to use llClearCameraParams(); when done handling camera, -you will most likely be using a lot of llGetCameraRot(); and llGetCameraPos(); -For the controller the Main Controller would be the one that takes permissions and inputs, the Controller Receiver will only receive listen() events from the channel specified -If you're planning to have more than one RC in an area you will want to make sure that the llListen's are not the same for each, have them generate from a function which takes into account some sort of uniqueness
  3. A lot of what I would say is very much akin to any other good programming practices. Keep your code clean, use the same syntax and styling throughout, name your variables and functions so they are understandable, comment where necessary but not excessively. One great way to keep consistency is to re-use the same script base, you can set your default create cube to have an embedded inventory item on creation (at least in firestorm). So I generally add my own script with my standardization I use across every script so every event has the same variable names and it and some of my most used functions there ready to go. Debugging is important, my debugging is usually included in its own custom function so I can toggle it on and off and during clean up it's easier to find/replace/delete for when I'm done with it. When communicating between objects I highly recommend using llRegionSay(); and llRegionSayTo(); the majority of the time as it's the fastest out of all the communication methods. Also generally use negative channels. The LSL wiki is your friend. Don't forget to save, you never know when SL is going to blow up, again. (or net/power outages)
  4. The logic there is that if you're trying on a demo for something with a full retail price with the idea that you're most likely able to buy it if you end up liking it, whether by loading up the required linden(or more) or have already earned it in world. As for the 5 cents in linden comment I made, it was more so an emphasis of how easy it is to acquire ~1250% more currency than the 1L cost is. There are other ways to get lindens so fortunately you don't have to camp for 10+ minutes but if you're really scraping for quick ways to get a small amount of lindens then it's probably the best bet.
  5. The main reason is for gifting purposes as you cannot send a gift if it's 0L (this is mainly because it's easily abused at 0L to spam people's received items) Gifting helps speed up time if you're trying to test things on an alt and don't want to swap logged in accounts, so it's paying for a convenience there. 1L for a demo isn't an end of the world scenario. It's approximately $0.004 per $L1, you can find that amount of linden at a multitude of free places or even like 5 cents on the street. For me personally I prefer the 1L for a demo. Allows me to just gift instead of dealing with the situation where I'm trying to explain to a friend here get this demo and they're being slow about it or if I want to test demos myself.
  6. Edit: I just thought about it, I understand how it works now. It's part of the hud that's doing it, good suggestion, it wasn't anything on the region but it was the thing with me that is holding the object that is rezzed. Thanks for the help
  7. Interestingly enough on first inspection I would have said it was 1 prim 1 object, In the object editor it says 1 object 1 land impact, then the object inspector states 1 object 2 prims, then the second object attached actually has nothing in its contents which is interesting.
  8. So I've been perplexed by this script I've seen which can rez an object without the object being in the contents with said script. My first thought was that somehow the creator was allowed to use llGodLikeRezObject(); However the creator isn't a linden. So I'm curious if they managed to get access to some linden scripting functions(if so how or for what reasons do they allow their uses by residents?) Or is there another work around that allowed them to rez the object with its full contents like this? There's a couple of creators with scripts like this so any info is appreciated.
  9. Wanted Grandfathered Private Region Sim (NO MAINLAND), 20K prims preferred 30K prims also good. IM me with details of your sim including tier date. Please send message or notecard to me in-world @ tails.wirefly include sim details (prim limit, tier date, price including transfer fee, if already rented out, etc)
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