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  1. Oh the Valleyside Pool is nice, it has gardens on either side, and the back is terraced with cafe tables above a rocky cliffside leading to a river/inlet.
  2. Lol, the one on Holliday was mine - it was a script error in the mailbox that removed my house so I camped while it was resolved. All fixed!
  3. What: Hair Fair 2019 When: August 17th-September 1, 2019 How: Application If you are a hair or hair accessory designer and are interested in participating in Hair Fair 2019, please check out our blog for more details. There are specific rules and conditions, and more information can be found on the application post here. Not just another event, Hair Fair is an amazing expo of Second Life hair designers and their best work!
  4. If she ever reads this: Get some more mesh tutorials in and come back! You had such a lovely imagination and ideas! Come back!
  5. I'm loving the cute traditional style homes, but I'm also hoping the new area will have some modern ones as I could see myself moving back and forth between them when wanting a certain look for a while. I hope my excitement over my new home arrangement lasts and isn't just a manic reaction to living off the platform for the first time in years.🤣
  6. @Patch Linden This is exactly why we need areas like this. This is making people who might be more inclusive to start interacting with others in a way we would in real life. It's more interactive. We're exploring our own living area, we're talking to people outside of our own insular network, without the craziness of hubs, or feeling uncomfortable in a roleplaying community when new, or small talk at a club. You can break down a small social wall here easier. I stopped to watch some people RP a "Cops" type show complete with police chase, a talking horse officer, and camera crew. Ended u
  7. It would be nice, especially if there could be a proper long autumn, and a mini winter (Dec - mid Jan). But like @Chic Aeon said, it would need to be a lot of scripted landscaping and that all leads to lag. Swapping out terrain textures would be easy, a pain maybe, but whatever. The landscaping could all be sim wide hud controlled for the moles, but again lag. I would be all for it, especially a long progressive autumn with mini winter. There are plenty of inworld creators that make some lovely fall textures that they could be inspired by. But then you also have the issue with not everyone w
  8. @Zoya McDonnagh - Yes, exactly a little pier area with a carnival, and one inland too!
  9. I would like to see a city center with a small town feel to include: cafes bakery grocers farmers market ice cream shop candy shop record shop karaoke bar internet cafe ballet studio yoga studio gym skate park basketball small softball field small rugby field city center park with a bandstand gas station/car rez bike rental/rez putt putt There are a million things they could include, but make it a fun, pretty, interactive space for people to meet, hang out, rp, photograph. A wider boardwalk with beaches and ocean on the coasts would be nice.
  10. Lies and propaganda from down under, I say! So in theory, ya'll are having fall colored easter candy? you trolling me bro?
  11. LOL Welcome to Second Life, I remember my new resident days as being greifed quite often. A few tips: 1. Find a "safe' sandbox to do your building, and unboxing etc until you find a place to live where you can hang out in peace. Some sandboxes provide a monitor that will remove people who are being disruptive. Some sandboxes have a special group so only those in the group can rez objects on the land, or run scripts. 2. Be aware of land settings, At the top of your screen are icons that let you know what can and can't happen on a parcel. Rezing objects, running scripts, flying. 3. If b
  12. In the northern hemisphere we tend to see pastels featured in the spring lines of clothes, whites and brights in the summer, rich foliage matching tones in the fall, and dark, somber colors, but sometimes playful jewel tones in the winter. But I have always wondered, does this run the same in the southern hemisphere? Is it a cultural ideal? When we live in a global community and are exposed to media from around the world, does that influence out of seasonal color palettes? How does your culture express the seasons in fashion? For those in the southern hemisphere do you feel color influence
  13. Yes, the amazing boots designers make, the cozy acessories, like scarves, it's all so alluring, can't help but get you into the seasonal swing. Oh and locations, like Tempura.
  14. Today I was featured on the Fresh Fashion event Second Life Community Blogs with a post on Spring Fashion. What's your favorite season inworld. Do you follow the season inworld by dressing to suit? I love autumn and winter inworld, my real life is based in tropical Florida, so I really miss these seasons, and take advantage of them inworld. I also like a more northernly spring and summer as well.
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