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  1. Thank you Drake! that is what I am looking for!
  2. That is what I'm looking for...I can't afford custom stuff. Was looking for already made stuff
  3. Thanks Isabelli but these are all not full perm so i cant make anything out of them..I am look for some that i can use for my store.
  4. I would be glad to friend you we are kind of alike except i cant do mesh lol
  5. Hi all, I am wanting/looking for regular or fully rigged mesh women's cultural outfits. I love the many outfits women from around the world wear and wish to wear/sell some of these fashions. Ex: Sarees,Kimonos,Muscats,Caftans,Hijab,etc Here are some Picture Examples I am wishing that they could be fullperm so that I could make many patterns and colors to sell. If possible some custom meshes would be awesome but I can't pay very high prices maybe 400L for each dress regular and 1,000 if its mesh. If you can only do one of the styles that's fine too. If you do these kind of outfits in fullperm please IM or Notecard me! If your a mesh designer and are willing to make me custom dresses please IM or Notecard me :) Thanks
  6. Thanks all Your advice will help!
  7. Yeah I've noticed not too many people wear anime avatars much. I still do and think its still fun!
  8. Anyone know of some good anime themed RPs? Im not very good at battle RP so the fighting style anime RPs are not good for me. I've already tried some adult style ones and didn't like em much. I'm a good listener and am willing to try anything that I haven't before even if I'd struggle a bit at first.
  9. Hi all! I've been in SL for two years now and in the beginning I had a lot of friends who liked me for my avatar RP and not me. Now I am more me and like I knew they defriended me. Now all I got is my SL family who love me for me but I really want some friends. I am a nice person. I love anime and Japanese related things,I RP as child as well as a anime girl. I cosplay a lot and love to shop lol who don't? I tend to be one of the girls from final fantasy but when I'm me that's rare cause I only be that way around my family. I like exploring new place and take lots of pictures inworld, I got a blog where I show off my pictures and stuff. As a friend I am very caring and only want to have someone or more to chat about daily things and fashion. Inworld my display name is Dizzy and I'm on usually between 9pmSLT - 8amSLT and sometimes during the mornings. If you liked to be my friend just send me a friend request :) thanks in return.
  10. Hi! I'm new to selling on marketplace and I've sold a few of my things but I need advice on how to get more of my stuff seen so more might buy my items. I've used the listing enhancements,blog feeds, and promos before and they help a bit.
  11. Hi! I am looking for a job in SL. About 40% of the time I am a kid/tot avatar . I know how to edit prims to fit my shape and same with mesh. I can't make mesh or prim clothing and I'm not skilled in photoshop. I use paint.net and a stock image site to edit my pictures I take inworld. I am a fashion blogger. I blog about kids and adult clothing. I can make nice textures. I dress up a lot so I know how to make items look good. I think I'd be a good store blogger or model for kids or/and adult clothing. Plz let me know if you'd consider me.
  12. Just wondering if anyone out there has like a bunch of costumes of like anime or some other kind of charcter and you like to RP as them like i do? I don't want to feel like im the only one who does this.
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