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  1. Marketplace Maturity Filter = wrong by nature and has to be shut off immediatly Marketplace Review Notifications: there are lots of bad reviews because of failed deliveries. Those are neither our faults nor can we react as we never know about the review in the first place! Also, could customers be informed on review page that before they review badly they at least should try to communicate with the seller? (That's ebay standard.) Thank you! Marketplace "Cancel Button" for Pending deliveries: Merchants have to be able to cancel a pending delivery manually to be able to solve such things immediatly when requested by customer. I had people crying because their dress for the wedding that was just about to start didn't arrive because of Marketplace delay. okay... and 4th as always: Marketplace Failed Deliveries
  2. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3582
  3. What I don't get. The ratings worked before just fine. Simply relying on common sense and merchants being aware of merchants. Sure, have the two was rating now split up into three way ratings does mean work for all of us. But to generally suspect items to be naughty just by keyword and or description is just wrong. What's so hard about trusting in the old system to work just fine with the new rating system? Why is it necessary that LL generally thinks us being too stupid to rate things ourselves? Right now, I'm simply pissed like hell. I'm sitting in front of 1.5K listings that are ALL messed up. Not to mention the amount of lost sales. Damn it! If you had just announced the change and left it to us to take care of changing the rating of those items that might need an up-rating. We would have done so!!! What's the problem with trusting and communicating with us? What are we? Some kind of lab-rats? And of course the system started on a Friday... So we would loose the weekend sales and the Lab sits home and probably laughs about us stupid rats running around the labyrinth. I defended marketplace in the past, but now I'm actually thinking of turning my back to that system at all.
  4. Is it just me getting the feeling of discrimination here? If you do roleplay-stuff and put the keyword gor or gorean in it because it might fit in that environment as well, it doesn't matter if you sell shoes, chairs, houses, hats, you are labeled naughty! My bad and dangerous ballerinas / ballet flat shoes even made it up to adult rating. Yeah, they're really dangerous and children have to be protected from them. Seriously!
  5. And once again we merchants are just the working slaves. And the best part is them saying we have THREE days to be done with the re-rating while LL needed months to finally invent such and need another month to MAYBE finally get that god-damn rating button sticky... Not to mention the permissions, search-word etc. etc. PS: And re-rating doesn't even work properly! Even without the oh-so-bad words it still jumps back, although it actually worked with exactly these settings on the first item. Sorry, but this is just another of these things to keep people busy with crap. LL, you're stealing OUR time, which is the most precious thing we have!
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