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  1. Ty so much. I am gonna buy PACKARD BELL TS11 CORE İ7 2630QM laptop with Nvidia GT540M. Hope it will work SL good
  2. Hello, which one is good for second life? I am gonna buy a new laptop, Packard Bell and one is ATI HD6550 1 GB, other is Nvidia GT540M?. Which one should i choose? Are one of them good? My current laptop heats so much and restarts & mankesme crazy. I am waiting your opinions please :(
  3. Hello guys, Is it possible to categorize marketplace favorites? My list become very corwd and complicated day by day. If we could categorize them by "clothes", "textures", "building aids" etc... it will be great won't it? Do you have any ideas for managing the favorites list?
  4. I can't fin that copy selection part. Where is it? General, objects, feature tab or where?
  5. Am I gonna search it from SL while I am in the game?
  6. Hey Peewee what must be the snap grid unit numbers? The standart isfirst 0.500 and 2nd one 12.00. what do you prefer, which is best?
  7. Both ways worked, ty Ciaran & Peewee. I never realised snap grid thing So funny. I discovered how handy it is, ty friends
  8. Ah I see, it seems a hard thing. Let my snaps stay as they are lol. Ty all so much
  9. Actually what I mean is different but I was not knowing the things you write about ty so so much I was meaning: For example these snaps are so different. Do you have an idea? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Alessandria-Shoes-Black-Patent/1548905 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Scilla-Shoes-White/1881332
  10. Hello I wanna create a 3-5 song included playlist and play that list at my land. Is it possible? :)
  11. Hello, When I try to allign my building's walls, the joining parts seems bad. The joining parts seem like winking when join too much, or a line seems when it becomes discrete. What's the tip to make them smooth?
  12. Hello I saw some Sl snapshots at Marketplace, they seem different than ever. More realistic and something like 3D. Who knows whats it? I heard about a new viewer will come, does anybody knows about it? :)
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