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  1. Welcome Rod. As you are well aware, SL is at a crossroads not of it's own choosing. The economy has effected SL as much as it has RL. But to us entrenched members of the SL community, we remain intriqued and excited over what SL has become and the potential it could bring in future. My little wish list that would breath a bit of extra reality and usability are few, so please accept these into the myriad comments you recieve daily: 1. Allow for a true off-line management of inventory. Most participants end up with inventories which require excessive in-world time to manage. And in-world time should be used for participatipon, not administration. 2. Embrace and offer support to alternate interface devices (joy sticks, Wii chucks, scetch pads,etc). The keyboard/mouse is here to stay, but the flexability and usability of input must be expanded. 3. Develop a "temp-prim" rezzable interface between SL and the Marketplace. Imagine if I could click on a vendor, and have a sales viewer rez in my SL living room, where I could shop with friends in the comfort of my SL home. 4. Allow for a "temp-prim" pseudo-Avatar. Upon logging from SL, if desired, a temp Avi could remain where you were. Again, imagine, lying in bed, or sitting on the couch and when you leave, your temp-Avi is there. I can see this as a real plus for increasing the reality of the experience. I might logg-in, but my partner is "sleeping." Still there in form. And when they return to SL, they would awaken in the same place they left...awake and enter the SL world again. All in all... SL is AMAZING!!! I look forward to you leadership moving SL to even greater heights. Welcome aboard. Phlyer
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