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  1. Im in the process of updating my listings but need the pictures I used from the old listings. I can pull them up but they are tiny, can i have them emailed to me? Chiica2006s@hotmail.com
  2. You are very right you have to want love in order to receive it well worded!
  3. Thank you to everyone that offered advice and help. I was able to get all my items back by contacting the people i bought them from and they sent a new set of each And I have found a new person to rent from and he was kind enough to let me stay my 1st 6weeks free. Again thank you everyone you have been so kind there is hope for secondlife people after all! XxSarahxX Quintessa
  4. thank you i will definatly look you up im just looking around at rentals im just so scared to now after what happened to me
  5. nope i looked and nothing all gone the sim is empty
  6. thank you i will take your advice i feel so stupid and cheated its going to be a while before i rent again!
  7. Thank you so much i will deffinatly look and read into what i ever buy again this was the first land i ever rented and now i know not to go threw someone who doesnt own the land im sure there are lots of places that dont do this to you i just need to shop around to find one
  8. yes i really hope this guy gets in trouble banned or something! i just cant believe that people get away with this. i will deffinatly file an abuse on him
  9. yes i deffiantly will if i cant get my L back i at least want to make sure no one else gets screwed over like i did thanks!
  10. thank you so much! at least someone on here has human emotions and cares you rock
  11. ya i did and i havent gotten and answer if i could at least get my stuff back i would be happy thanks for the heads up i will definatly edit the name i dont want to get banned that would really suck!
  12. for sure i would never put real money into this game i love it but i love it free even more lol i guess lesson learned and ill just have to be more wise when renting
  13. thank you and i will take your advise im only payin one week at a time im sooo mad at myself!
  14. i looked in my lost and found nothing and the entire land is vacant i have no clue what happened to my belongings
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