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  1. Yeah, theres a great many profiles I've seen that have stuff clearly not suitable for RL kids to see. Some of it in the About: and 1st Life: fields, some of it in Picks and stuff.... and quite a lot of this probably in profiles belonging to ppl who haven't logged in since dirt was in beta. Awhile back, I came across a Brazilian lady in world who had in her 1st Life pane, a PHOTO of (presumably) herself.... with her privates plainly seen, and her 1st Life photo was of her and some other naked people. I remember looking at that and thinking "Gee, I'm not offended myself, but some RL kid's mot
  2. Well, the Pheonix devs are busily making their version of Snowstorm, which they call Firestorm, have a 1.23-ish GUI and stuff, while adding all the neat functionality that Pheonix viewer has, but of course keeping all the underlying new technology of the 2.4 viewer. I'm looking forward to that one coming out of beta.
  3. Ah, according to Pheonix's blog, their viewer DOES currently support more groups here... but you have to manually turn it on in Debug first. Oo http://phoenixviewer.blogspot.com/2011/01/42-group-limit-is-officially-live-on.html
  4. So, anyone logged in using Imprudence or Phoenix right now: do you have the 25-groups limit still? Does it still show as "x out of 25 groups" on your Profile pane?
  5. So, in a 1.23 viewer, you can't add more than the 25 groups? Even if you're on a TPV that DOES let you join more than 25 groups when you're on an OpenSim grid using that same viewer? Is the limitation at the viewer end (i.e. it's merely hard-coded into the viewer like some of them had the 10m prim limit hard coded, but don't anymore) or is it something at SL's end that has it hard-coded into the mechanism at the server that 1.23 viewers interact with when you add groups (and where, presumably, the 2.4 viewers connect to a completely different group handler mechanism at SL's servers)? I remi
  6. all mesh beta participants would need to incur a 6 month or longer delay before they could engage in mesh related commerce while the rest of the residency gets up to speed. Why? oO If LL did something like that -- made all particicipants in the closed beta have to wait 6 months after birthing it before they could participate in the thing they helped birth -- you can bet it would dry up to nil the pool of willing beta testers NEXT time LL wants to introduce some major new feature, because everyone who's knowledgable enough to be of help in such a thing -- from their being part of the tec
  7. Well, they might at a later date add the ability to make them hollow, change their cuts and twists and tapers, and such, and make the rigged-to-a-skeleton meshes deformable by script. They DID after all add on some capabilities after the fact to other neat new in-world-rezzable features after they'd been introduced. Remember when, to make an object fullbright or glow, you had to do some sort of hackish thing at the moment of original creation? That was before my time, but I saw references to it having been that way once. And, apparently, there IS a way someone developed of making sculpies
  8. Okay, can someone suggest a good, Collada-mesh-capable 3D modelling program that is A, cheap or free and B, very easy for a novice to get a handle on and make decently complex objects with on a short term basis? As in, install the program, and be making good looking objects by the end of the day?
  9. Prokofy, if there have been any statements by LL that the old system for making things (prims, sculpties) was going to be phazed out, I'd love to see you provide a link to it. I seriously doubt anything of that sort has ever been said, or is even being planned. In fact, I'm pretty sure they've said things to the contrary. In any event, I, personally, am looking forward to Mesh imports, and have been looking forward to it for months. For one thing, it will allow better avatars, and better clothes, and also I expect -- and indeed COUNT on -- Mesh support to show up on OpenSim soon, too.
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