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  1. fandabby dozi Annie your so photogenic, the perfect model
  2. Your lucky, my download of the latest viewer does not even have "snapshot" or "gesture" so I am seriously unimpressed.
  3. I dunno where they hid that. But while we are on that subject where did they hide "Take an Image, and save it to my hard drive" and what has happened to "Gestures"? For first time since I bit the bullit and accepted v2 I have uninstalled the viewer and rolled back to a previous version
  4. First things first: In the UK a 16 year old girl or boy can have sexual relationship with anyone, its all legal. If I suspected there was something wrong in the first instance I would confront the perpetrators and inform them of my intention to report them. if it were a 15 year old or less then that would be illegal, and in UK the crime called grooming exists. I doubt very much if LL will do anything to be honest but some of what was written was interesting. But one thing to be certain of is that persons reputed age. In RL I am almost 60 in SL I am under 30. So what its a role play! If you
  5. heya I will have to find that Pheonix physics setting called Puds. The movement is way too exagerated and if I movd like that in RL I would suffer an injury. Subtle movement is required, at the moment Physics is rurned off.
  6. Oooo my Comment Page keeps moving OK so what is the problem here, I get the feeling some people are blaming their lousy broadband system on SL; or the fact that they have a second rate computer. Of course SL runs on a laptop; whoever said it doesnt needs to get their information checked. I run SL on three laptops and a PC with no problems. One laptop is three years old and works on XP, the PC is two and the other two are one year old. Only the PC is a gaming machine the others are regular machines. It seems that LL is a soft target for all you moaners out there. I have been here 3 and a b
  7. I have always detested Viewer 2 and was gutted when Emerald was withdrawn. But for some reason I love Viewer 2.3 with one exception. Some of my clothes have altered in the way the display. A bra is now a jacket, and actually has sleeves, I have never had a bra with sleeves before. But what am I going to do with that name thingy. My name isnt Kerri so having another pretend name is not an advantage. PS can I have my bra back please?
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