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  1. I've lost at least 5 IQ points reading through this topic. Why do you care? Does it matter? How does it effect YOU? The calendar looked pretty open to me .. schedule your event.
  2. Sounds like you already have a Bellisseria home.
  3. No, it wouldn't speed anything up. That is true. What it would do is give equal chance to those who don't have the time, opportunity or capacity to click refresh for hours on end or days on end. It all reminds me of dialing for concert tickets on a rotary phone when I was a kid and competing against those who had a redial button. Sometimes I got lucky, but all in all it was pretty stupid. Refreshing a page is not a fun game.
  4. You don't sell tickets. People choose the house and then some get randomly chosen every time there is a release of a region. There is no line, so there is no last. 3 times a week you would have the same chance as everyone else who chose a Bellisseria home. Instead of a sold out message you get a notice that you have been added to the lottery pool.
  5. Lottery is a grand idea and in every way more functional than the last two systems of release. The current system could still remain in place for abandoned or unclaimed properties.
  6. Well ... "Community Events" is a big umbrella. The only reason I brought up yardsales is because the advertising/commercial aspect of it is not debatable. I think we all agree that entertainers deserve to be paid. It's more work than dancing, right?
  7. How about Patch Linden June 4: "We have other plans in place to satisfy requests for something like a yard sale, where you could feature Linden Homes add-ons in a communal area already in place, to come soon™. "
  8. Oh, really. You magically know this and yet have no magical insight into tip jars. "Community Events" is a big umbrella.
  9. What are you talking about. There may be yardsales there and all sorts of other commercial activities. It's the whole point having it there
  10. I unfortunately do not remember where I saw the announcement of the fairgrounds 4th of July shindig being the first ever ... but it was officially announced around the time the fairgrounds were being completed. This was not a secret. I think maybe it was part of the notice announcing the fairgrounds being completed but I didn't take notes or anything ... I knew about it ahead of time and i"m nobody Here you go. Announced June 25th
  11. maybe ... maybe not I got my home last Monday manually refreshing because I was lucky to be at the right place at the right time. This coming Monday will be an opportunity. The advantage of manual clicking is that you are right there to make the three clicks necessary to secure a success. Auto-refresh is a good way to see how many homes are being abandoned because you will probably get a sold out message for being slow on the trigger. If I were trying it this Monday, I would let the auto-refresh run as an alert for when a region is being released and then switch to manual during
  12. So much consternation about nothing What is the big deal about sanctioned commercial activity at the fairgrounds? That's the whole point of fairgrounds. We want that
  13. Thank you for that crucial piece of information. Those who read with comprehension (it's here : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Mainland_policies ) will notice that not one line on the entire page refers to anything remotely related to Bellisseria or Linden Homes .. or surrounding regions for that matter
  14. Did you actually read the "terms and conditions"? It is a link to Linden Lab Official:Mainland policies It's stuff that belongs on the land covenant page and not as a block to getting your paid account perk linden home. Implying that it's a necessary confirmation page is misleading ... It is no such thing I challenge you to find even one item on that page that relates to linden homes in any way. Someone could have taken 10 minutes to link the agreement box to some linden home rules but they couldn't be bothered. It's not just an annoyance ..it's a pointless annoyance
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