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  1. Whooooa. Chill out. No need to break out the unnecessary sarcasm, I was asking an honest question. I've seen voice activated AO's being used by people who don't know one end of a script from the other before, so I know there is an entirely in-world way of detecting voice. All I wanted to know was how to do it. Also, for someone who's allegedly been professionally programming for longer than I've been alive, poking fun at my username was a pretty childish response.

  2. I just wanted to know, what's the function or event I need to call on to have a script respond to voice in any way shape or form? The purpose is to have a mouth texture on a prim head change when the wearer speaks on voice. Normally I wouldn't touch voice in a script with a ten foot pole, but I'm getting paid for it you see

    And before some wiseguy starts saying "there's no such function, scripts can't react to voice" - there is. I know there is because I've seen people wearing them. I just want to know what's that one line of code that introduces any sort of reaction to voice into the script - most likely a boolean integer - and after that I can handle it. I've been trawling numerous LSL wikis for over an hour, and the best I came across was a few prospective functions that were going to introduce a text-to-speech and speech-to-text engine.

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