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  1. I have fixed a bug on one of my items and need to update the product on Marketplace. In the old days we simply switched the item in the Magic Box and if the item was named the same then no problem, however with Direct Delivery what is the proper way to do it?

    I am inclined to making another folder that is named the same exact thing as the one on MP now and uploading it, my guess is that MP will update itself? This is probably wrong so any feedback would be appreciated. 

    EDIT: Thanks for the replies that was easy :D

  2. I have for some time been having some other person's item showing up on my MP store. I never paid much attention to it since I assumed it was a bug that would get resolved by Linden Lab. However it has been a while now and since my MP sales have begun to pick up it has started to bother me enough to finally care.

    I created a support ticket but was told by the support staff that this was a bug already reported on the Jira so to go ahead and watch the Jira or to delete the item from my listings.

    What good is it to watch the Jira if I cannot even comment on it anymore? Also I cannot 'delete' the listing myself because it is NOT mine and does not show up on product listings only on my MP store page.

    Has anyone had any luck resolving this issue? if so, can you tell me what you did please? Any help will be appreciated.



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