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  1. I tried using IMPORT on some old Windlight XML files and hit a filename problem - the converter is a bit fussy about allowed characters. Once I'd done some renaming everything was fine. One thing the Edit window doesn't seem to show is which Sky settings are currently in use by the Day setting. Am I missing something obvious here?
  2. An excellent article - I only found it after I'd experimented a lot myself! A lot of experienced builders seem even now to be unaware of the possible savings here. Server Weight is 0.5 per prim plus 0.25 per script. I can't find anything else that affects it. Download Weight varies according to complexity but is capped at 1 per normal prim and 2 per sculpt. It is thus the sculpt limiting parameter.
  3. AMD 5700 with the 11.9 drivers on Viewer 3 here. Updating drivers from 11.7 crashed my FPS by a lot, but the unchecking VBO tip did the trick, restoring to its previous level. Weird. Thanks! Now we'll see how stable the drivers are, so far so good...
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