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  1. En la escuela de idiomas BRENNENDE BUCHSTABEN ofrezco cursos para aprender el alemán. Contacto: Zauselina Rieko Mándame una notecard. Hay cursos para principantes y avanzados. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kreativdorf/78/105/800
  2. I´m looking forward to seeing you. I have send you a group invitation - that will make it easier to stay informed inworld.
  3. I have started a German language school in Second Life. We will be chatting about this & that (depending on the participant´s requests. This will be free of charge. We can talk about the culture, the country, the habits and - for sure - vocabulary and grammar of the German language. Adequate for beginners and advanced learrners. Please activate voice! MONDAY 24th August 2015 - 11 am PDT = 20:00 Uhr MEZ Zauselina Rieko - Kirsten Riehl in RL - has studied German language and literature & historical science at Heinrich-Heine-Universität in Duesseldorf: RL teacher for German language (adults as well as children) and experiences in teaching German as a foreign language. For more information please contact me inworld via notecard or IM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kreativdorf/78/105/799
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