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  1. On 12/24/2020 at 8:30 AM, Sparkely Sugar said:

     Love my shared new stilt house I am decorating with my friend.  I really did not think stilts would be my style, but a she convinced me, to come and try it. Now I love it.  


    A different Angle from my friend 

    My new Linden Home | Stilt House | Santiago


    are those starfish strung lights?  I really like those.  Would you mind saying where you found those?

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  2. 1 hour ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    If you are talking about a red line on the map - ignore it. The map is not properly updating these days. 

    If the red outline is still in the sky above a region that you have a home in, those are supposed to be removed when the region gets released.  You can mention it in the Bellisseria Citizens group chat - there are typically Lindens & Moles watching that chat.  Eventually someone will come remove it.


    As to the map being unusable -- see my previous comment -- it is FUBAR right now.



    All of the water in the stilt home regions is sailable and there are paths to connect to the other Linden Home waterways.   Though given the state of the map, the navigation will be difficult.


    are they working on fixing the map?  I am so lost without it.  lol

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  3. 21 hours ago, Brilynn Roussel said:

    Okay so I have been looking over the photos again, and I am starting to bank on a Farm House type of home.


    Reminds me of the fields that farmers make designs in.

    farmhouse style was my first thought, too.  SO trendy right now in the US, anyway and it looks farmhouse-y to me.


  4. 2 hours ago, Elena Core said:

    Apple has proven to be not just an extraordinary designer, but a very generous person. That makes you wanting to support his store even more. 

    Also, if anyone needs a new sofa, Muniick still has a lovely one as the 60L weekend offer. 

    Remember his VERY generous Christmas sale for us last year?  Everything in the shop was tagged to sell for 50L!

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  5. 7 hours ago, Laurelrose Anthony said:

    Thank you to whomever let this one go.  Though it belongs to my oldest alt, it feels like I am home.

    looking to the north.jpg

    new house_north.jpg

    That is so perfect.  I want one just like that lol.. one I can boat to but not on sand

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  6. 2 hours ago, Eddie Hagoromo said:

    I'll throw my 2 cents in. I have had this avatar for 14 years, haven't had premium for years until last month (I know I'm late to the premium boat party), but judging from the high popularity of certain homes on Bellisseria, I already knew there was a low chance of me finding the perfect home, let alone location. I did try with traditional, victorians and it didn't fit my modern sleek bachelor pad feel, so hence started my search for houseboats where I figured was a better look and fit for what I wanted. Yet as many are aware, houseboats are as rare as ever, especially living in a time zone where not as many of the residents are online, thus lowering my chances.

    It's thanks by searching through other threads like 

    and having friendly banter where I learnt that I can play the "Game of Homes" to keep searching for that perfect spot. Being kind does wonders instead of lashing out and kind residents messaged me directly, here and inward, offering to help. 

    I'm truly grateful for that and maybe any other residents who are like me to give it a go and maybe let others know what you would want and try to help each other out. 

    I have had the same experience in the same thread.  I just had one of the awesomes, from that thread, contact me the other day because she knew I was looking for a houseboat.  These forums have definitely been helpful and constructive for many of us and I just skip the parts that seem not for me.


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  7. On 9/1/2020 at 8:54 AM, Fay Starlight said:





    Marvin Gardens

    Fielders Choice


    Marvin Gardens

    Charity Ridge








    Charity Ridge is the one Bellisseria Relayers won (naming rights to) at auction.  It is a mix of victorian and log homes.  I haven't been able to walk completely through it, yet, but it looks like there's no water on it at all?  Going to explore it later today.  

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  8. 3 hours ago, Chloe Dolores said:

    When I saw the announcement of release I had just dropped some boats so I thought - let's intercept. I got one in Thatch Lea and two in Carders Mill I am letting all out now. I am looking at the parcels of those two land groups involved and I don't feel they are mastering the art of decor or unique location finding. It just looks like accumulating en masse. So if not a business motivation perhaps just a real hoarding problem? I don't know. These are just my personal opinions. Truth is, what they have and how they've presented them would just pass by my radar.

    who is doing this?  Edited to say, nevermind.  I didn't realize disclosure is against tos.    I am surprised by the conversation.  So someone is going around grabbing up a bunch of homes as they are released?

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  9. no Charity Ridge out there yet, huh?  The Bellisseria Relayers won the right to name a region, at the Ten Days of Relay and I am trying to watch for it, so I can try to get a home on it.  I have no idea which theme it'll be in.  I'm hoping it's not in the new stilt homes and I'm hoping it'll have the railway through the region.  

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    1pm: Family Feud - ELT vs LINDENS/MOLES REMATCH!
    2pm: Relay Chat with Saffia - Linden Day
    4pm: Zorch Boomhauer
    5pm: Luciano Lionheart - Absolutely no video recording, please
    6pm: Emma Ness
    7pm: DJ Gem Sunkiller
    8pm: Fireworks last show

    Lots and LOTS of great Raffle Boards, Gacha Machines and more at the 10 Days of Relay - Bellisseria.  

    Raffles end TONIGHT! Amazing auctions end in less than an hour!  Come Shop and Browse the regions.  It's just amazing!

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RFL ADVOCACY/125/118/23

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  11. We have some super awesome items up for bid and raffle at the Bellisseria Community's 10 Days of Relay Festival.  The auctions close on June 5th at 10am, so come over and place your bids NOW!

    Items for auction are:  

    Name a Bellisseria Region
    Choose the next Second Life Last Name!
    AND these items compliments of LINDEN LABS and Grant & Dianna Wade!
    A Touch of Tuscany and Touch of Zen 2 Week Vacation/Honeymoon Destination!  all inclusive
    Place your bids here:  RFL ADVOCACY/103/124/23

    Linden Raffles will close June 5th at 8:30pm and include:

    AMAZING Linden Raffles!!  Enter NOW
    1each 6 and 12 month premium membership
    2 - SL Name changes
    1 - Name a Linden Region
    RFL ADVOCACY/139/1234/23

    All proceeds are donated to Relay For Life!

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  12. Well, we're heading in to the final stretch of Relay season 2020. It's been an amazing ride.  The Bellisseria community has just been so receptive to this amazing cause and we have all accomplished so much.  
    Currently our fundraising totals are:
    Bellisseria for RFL – $4,825.66
    Bellis Blues & DJs – $310.26
    Friends for a Cure – $2,035.44
    Team Shadow – $1,506.60
    The Second Fiddle – $1,863.77
    Bellisseria Community GRAND Total: $10541.73

    We are organizing the final event of the season, the 10 Days of Relay - Bellisseria.  This event begins on May 27th and runs right up to Relay Weekend.  10 Days ends on June 5th.  Relay Weekend Opening Ceremonies is on June 6th at 10am.  This year Relay Weekend's track encompasses 45 regions!  Linden labs is a huge supporter of our Relay this year.  Please hug and thank our wonderful Lindens and Moles for all they do for Bellisseria and for Relay For Life.

    There will be more details about all the special things as they happen with our 10 Days of Relay but to summarize...  it will be on a total of 4 regions.  There will be live entertainment, DJ battle for Relay, Q&A's with great guests, games and races, fishing, fireworks, GREAT raffles, shopping and MORE.  Linden Labs has sponsored EVERY one of our regions for the Bellisseria 10 Days of Relay!  They have also given us the following AWESOME gifts for us to raffle or auction or sell to continue our fundraising efforts right up until the season ends.  

    LOOK at what they've donated to our Bellisseria for RFL.
    1 - 6 month paid premium membership
    1 - 12 month paid premium membership
    2 - Name a Bellisseria region
    2 - SL Name Changes
    1 - Choose the next SL last name
    and our very own custom Mole Charity Gnome

    In addition they are sponsoring all of the Bellisseria regions on the track, plus a region for an amazing ride-thru style show, plus TWO homestead regions that will be auctioned and will be completely designed as a vacation or honeymoon week-long experience.  (picture a week in Greece, Aruba, China etc)

    We need donations if you can help us come up with any of the following to raffle/sell at the event:

    any gacha items you want to donate - RARE or COMMON
    any giftcards
    one of a kind type items that can be auctioned

    anything transferrable that could be raffled, auctioned or sold from the RFL fundraising tools.

    We do have Entertainment Sponsorships still available. These sponsorships include logo'd signs with information distribution at all the key areas on the Bellisseria Relay regions.  Seen from the track, at the main stage, gaming area, etc.  Thousands of people will be on those regions from May 27th thru June 7th, so it is great opportunity to have your business ad seen.  Cost for this sponsorship is: $L 10,000 and there is a limited availability.  Contact Nikki Mathieson for more info.

    THANK YOU so much for all the support, friendship, encouragement, praise...  I could go on and on.

    You've re-warmed my heart, Bellisseria and if my arms were long enough, I'd wrap you all up in one big, group hug.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Love, Nikki


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  13. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    We've had SO much fun at this Bellisseria community Festival. Now, it's the last day of the fest and we have a full lineup of MORE fun!

    DJ Stephanie is kicking things off at 9am and is followed at 10am by Ed in SL

    11am - Savannah Rain

    Noon - Balecry

    1pm - Jesie Janick

    2pm - Wolfie Starfire

    3pm - Savannah Coronet

    4pm - Holly Giles

    5pm - Satin and Erin

    6pm - SaraMarie Philly

    7pm - Turner Harbrough

    8pm - RyAnn

    9pm - Dexter Moore.

    There are prizes and raffles to win, gachas to play and lots more!

    Hope to see you at The Fairgrounds today for RFL!

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellisseria Fairgrounds/164/198/24

    cinco 4_001.png

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    Skye Galaxy kicks off the festivities today (May3rd) at the Cinco de Mayo festival for RFL held at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. Skye takes the stage at 11 am and he's followed by the launch of the Bellisseria Celebrates Relay Boat Parade at noon!

    The day continues with music and dance, so come on out and celebrate hope in the fight against cancer with us! We're looking forward to seeing you!

    12-1 - BOAT PARADE & DJ Krys Calamity, 1-3pm - DJ Avalon Boa, 3-5pm - DJs Adam and Ari, 5-7pm - DJ Gem Sunkiller

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellisseria Fairgrounds/164/198/24


    cinco de mayo poster v6.jpg

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