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  1. Odd... I have often wondered if houses/houseboats that become available show up everywhere (countries) once they become available.
  2. The bathroom is great, but I really like the kitchen too. Who created the kitchen grouping if you do not mind my asking. I have finished decorating, but seeing everyone's pictures makes me itch to redecorate. Haha.
  3. I think your pictures are great and your decorating skills are top notch!
  4. I really enjoyed your video and great driving! Whenever I try to drive, you would swear I am drunk.
  5. I just bought the Teegle horse today after demo'ing it at Enchantment. I think it is awesome. I did a number of sim crossings in Bellisseria and didn't notice an issue; however, not so good on autowalk, looking at map, and trying to follow chat at the same time. Would love to see some riding events though we leave Friday to go camping for 11 days - no internet! Cries slightly.
  6. In the groups & landmarks thread, I believe there are some open houses you could visit. For example, Apple Fall is one that comes to mind. Maybe in that list there are houseboats that are open to visit. Just a thought. I can thoroughly understand your wanting to see what you would be getting before going premium.
  7. I am the happy owner of a traditional house acquired last Friday evening.
  8. It sounds lovely, possibly just what I am looking for. Please feel free to contact me in world. I visited your lovely community.
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