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  1. I remembered a girl used to post store's in the fashion thread with pictures and landmarks. I always liked that made for some nice exploring.
  2. We can put names in here now. I always thought this was a no name forum.
  3. I just checked my trash and found 2 folders with new clothes I just got 2 days ago and I did not delete them. Wont be emptying my trash anytime soon.
  4. Yes it takes time to rezz mesh clothes. My PC is blazing fast an my net is 100 times faster than the day I started in SL. I'm all mesh now body head clothes everything so it takes me about 45 seconds to fully rezz when I first log in. Going to shopping events with lots of avi's is fun because its like a nudists colony for awhile.
  5. I've boxed all my network clothes in seprate boxes then stuck them all in one box called old network clothes. Odd's are I'll never wear them again but I payed for them so Im not getting rid of them.
  6. If we're somewhere really busy with a lot of avi's I'll never see you I set mine to 20,000 because SL says it helps. So far I've seen no improvement in jelly's or sever side baking or anything else they do. 5 steps forward and 3 steps back in a crowded sim and hope you don't go walking into space when crossing a sim border.
  7. The Sugar Garden has lots of heads like that.
  8. You guys are to funny. Pamela used to be the biggest hater of the Market place and everything LL now its like shes drank the punch next thing you know she'll be telling people on the tech post that's its not SL running bad must be their pc's. And as for the prim increase I still don't buy it the land owners did nothing to get those extra prims, the performance of the sim didn't go up, the land size didn't change all that happened was LL made the norm higher. Trust me nothing is free I give it year and the lab will be complaining its all our fault because of all the extra prims that the servers
  9. And with all the savings you've done and basicaly getting free prims which is like getting a sim for free when you have 4 of them you've passed all that saving's down to the customers right.
  10. I guess you think its ok to charge more for land. That wont hurt a thing will it, people will flock to SL seeing that it cost even more to have land.
  11. All the chungs went from $6995 to $7299 in 1 week. Good way to kill SL make the tier higher.
  12. If you already have the land its not going up but they are changing their prices and there not going down. Get ready SL for higher tier.
  13. Why does it seem like this company is trying to run people off. I was going to get a homestead guess I waited 1 week to long becuase now the price of tier has gone up. The land barron didnt do anything new that cost them money they dont have a new tier price put on them but because the lab decides 5000 on a homestead is the new norm their all raiseing their prices. Good job Lab thats what we all wanted higher tier. shakes head. :smileyfrustrated:
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