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  1. Two more Jira's Rename Parcel Stats https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-41221 Make the Owner/Contact person more clear: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-41222
  2. Are you wearing the script? Have something in a on change event, when you cross a parcel/sim border?
  3. I would love to hear about that as well!
  4. I'm glad the KVP store is getting so much attention!
  5. Imagine I create 100 high quality prim houses. I store each prims complete parameters inside the KVP. Now I sell a subscription or just a lump sum to all my houses, and provide the seller with a box/hud from wich each house can be constructed prim by prim. This can be repeated with any prim based product range. A lot more convinient then with a external database. You could use it for changing art work, that pulls the KVP for the chances. I could almost see a system that could make people see me life watch my work in progress by having a system that constantly sent my build updates to the KVP and objects around the grid that constantly update to my work. Ofcourse prims is being supplanted by mesh, so the desirebilty of these kind of system might not be that great, but non the less, they would be more easiler made with the KVP.
  6. For breedables, it could store: The state of a breedable: age, growth, hunger, thirst, skins etc It could store a reference to all possible assets related to the breedable: Skins Sculptmaps Animations Sounds etc For the users, it could track the users of the breedable: How many breedables What level of breedables(average/highest) deads
  7. I think you can expect that a lot of people will be using experience keys in general, for just the KVP store alone. Scripters have always been hungry for storing more information then is possible in scripts, and a lot of people don't want to pay for website hosting, or have understanding enough to save information in a DB, etc. People have resorted to using dozens of scripts, or stuffing information in prim names and description, texture keys, etc. I have a educational project where I'm storing how cretaceous sea animals are being build by students, and then have it be reassembled in a other place. Right now, my scripts RegionSay each other the information. It's slow and inefficient. Using the kvp store would make it a lot more convenient, though I haven't done enough to know how fast it is. It is just a example of using experience keys for the KVP store alone. I know this has been kinda off topic I just feel I should make you aware, if you aren't, that for a lot of scripters the KVP store is going to be main reason to use the experience keys. So you can plan for that. I hate to see the Lab surprised again, like it was when Mesh came out and everyone started to use it for clothing.
  8. A rogue scripter wouldn't even do a version check though. But it's a great way to get rid of outdated versions.
  9. For the people responding that don't understand what the deal is, that the 'after' avatar looks worse. The point is that the clothing Mesh, her sweater that she is wearing, now adjusts to her avatar shape. Her boobs and hips got bigger and the clothing adjusted to that automatically. Before her boobs and hips would have come through the mesh, and you would have to wear a transparancy layer to make them dissappear. Now you can actually wear clothing and have it automatically shaped towards your avatar shape, instead of the other way around. FYI, you will need to buy clothing that incorperates this feature.
  10. Yes, looking at what is currently being done is defenitly something that I would recomment. I'm the Co-Founder of The Vesuvius Group, LLC, and we specialize in developing areas/experiences for educational and non profit organizations, and have been doing this since 2006. http://www.thevesuviusgroup.com/ Feel free to get in contact with us and I'm sure we can help you out. You can email us at Contact@thevesuviusgroup.com
  11. Posting here to show my interest in having this feature developed.
  12. Posting here to show my interest in having this feature developed.
  13. Samec Slafford wrote: Thank you. But it is not enough. I am looking for a table with that information (extended info) because I can not use "Voice chat" and 'Teleport'. It needs for internet settings If you are having trouble with voice chat and teleport, there might a problem with your DNS. Some of my friends who followed these steps had these same issues dissappear. http://queenkellee.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/something-to-try/
  14. I have a friend with issues like you described and it was fixed when she changed the DNS as described here: http://queenkellee.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/something-to-try/
  15. Sorry to hear that reaper, that bike is definitely wrongly advertised, as the builder knows that he should mention the prim equivalence count. Though I think we will see better prim counts appear in the future, I have seen very highly detailed mesh content that took far less prims then it would have with basic prims. It is just waiting till the skill level rises. The same happens with prim, it usefully takes a new builder a while before the know how to build most efficiently.
  16. This is not LL's fault. I and others pointed out to the organizers that they only gave us 2 days, and they have extended the dead line. It really did say the 9th on the original announcement. It is also mentioned on Hamlet's Blog and Dusan commented that they extended it. http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2011/09/einstein-avatar-second-life.html#more
  17. How long has this competiton been running? Two days is way to short to make a high quality avatar.
  18. Eboni Khan wrote: All the mesh regions are full of clutter. Now that mesh is live more people will be using the regions to test uploads prior to taking them to the main grid. Please clear the regions out and set them to auto clean, even if they only clean on a week or every 3 days. Agreed! +1
  19. @Zachh, you can request a higher trading limit for the Lindex.
  20. @Ralp If there is any sanity in the database, then the creator's UUID (or less sane the Username) is saved on a object. When the viewer recieves that, it requests the Display Name to show that.
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