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  1. I found SecondLife through a friend who introduced it to me during a convention we were going to, I like the freedom of what the platform gives me to be anything I want. Most of the time I'm role-playing, writing stories with other people and enjoying interacting with others who enjoy the same things. Sometimes I explore the grid or go shopping, I like seeing what people make in SecondLife.
  2. There is a serious lack of information for this. Is this only going to affect buying lindens? Do we need to agree to use this service or can we opt out and still buy lindens? If we don't have tillia are we unable to buy lindens? Why are we going to be charged for being inactive? If we can't afford to buy lindens then we can't afford to be charged, charging someone for being inactive is shady and not exactly fair. Why are you going in to using Tilia? What is wrong with the current system? The current system is perfectly fine as it is, its not broken so don't try to fix it.
  3. What part of "From what I know" didn't you understand? Also personally I don't go to many events anymore, I don't even spend money at the ones I do go to. Rarely I might purchase one item where as years ago before all these events, I would purchase a large amount of items before leaving said event. Cutting down on events would be a good idea, perhaps mashing those with similar themes together and give creators a breather.
  4. From what I know most people want Events to die out, they are not doing SL any good at all. In fact they are killing creativity and have over-saturated the market, less events would mean creators would be more likely to sell items.
  5. Okay didn't know this was just resident to resident
  6. I would like to be able to have more pick space in my profile, you managed to give us more group space. There is clearly room in the profile to have more than ten picks, please consider giving us more pick space. Thank you
  7. Breeders Choice has a mesh centaur out, its better than KOT and unlike KOT still has customer support. Breeder's Choice centaur review
  8. Fallen - City of Charm: No meter, post apoc world in another dimension. Heretic Pass - Meter used only for dice rolls I believe. Fantasy urban Realm of Mystara: Fantasy Medivial Europe, meter free. These are the only places I would suggest unless you like combat meters and barely any RP at all then go to these places City of Lost Angels: Post apoc, urban fantasy CCS meter Toxian City: Post apoc, urban fantasy, DCS meter Personally I prefer no meters at all and love free form roleplay, I've never heard of anyone deciding an outcome in IMs. Not unless it was part of an ongoing
  9. Its a great sim. I've been around a few RP places and I generally stay in them, until such things as dead roleplay or severe injustice happens that I'm forced to leave. Mostly its due to my story dieing out because people leave, or a combat meter has become a strong focus it strangles the roleplay. I was begged to come to Fallen when it first opened but I was happy where I was, then as my roleplay slowly died I began scoping out this sim. Funnily enough I haven't left it since... I spend hours upon hours just roleplaying, throwing my time and dedication in like I did for any sim I was happ
  10. Tummy talkers are annoying. I don't want to be a store and hearing every two minutes, about how someone needs a vitamen, needs meds or how their baby is hungry and/or happy. Your stomach doesn't talk in to real life, so it shouldn't in SL either. Its spammy, irritating and I really hate being told all that useless information that I could have lived without knowing. Prim babies? I don't see the point in those at all, also don't understand child avatars when you're someone who is like in their 50's. Prim baby for roleplay? Sure go for it. Child avatar for roleplay only, go for it but stop bein
  11. Its up to the person if they want to seperate their SL and their RL, but yeah like a lot of people have already said you gotta remember that means they could be lieing. Personally for me I never expected my RL and SL to mix at all, I was a lonely person I don't deal too well with people face to face IRL. SL is a place for me to show who I am without the social flaws I actually have, such as not liking crowds and never talking to people I just met. However my SL when I'm not RPing is an extension of myself, what you see in my personality is basically what you get and I don't look like my av but
  12. I've heard that LL are going to phase out viewer 1's, I'm currently using Phoenix as its the best viewer out there. Simple, oldschool love it. Firestorm on the other hand I tried to use that even watched a tutortial on how to make it more like viewer 1, course the whole thing failed its still too viewer 2ish for me and I can't use it. I don't want all these fancy tabs, I don't want the constant mess of viewer 2 seems to be... All I want is a viewer that resembles the old viewer and is easy to use, without opening up browser windows for absolutely everything. Go back to viewer 1 already! If the
  13. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-23039 I like the idea behind this one
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