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  1. Hey forumers - New to this place but not a newbie at mesh.. Up until today. I had a VERY solid and glitch-free workflow between Wings3D and Blender 2.59 with the Bone Weight Copy Script until I realized that the new fitted mesh .blend files from LL (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Rigging_Fitted_Mesh#Download_links) simply were not compatible with Blender 2.59. The mesh avatar was stuck in wireframe mode, I could not weight paint and anything I tried to rig and export would not even be recognized by SL. (Viewer So I updated to Blender 2.69, forgoing the Bone Weight Copy S
  2. Nuesha, I think you have the answers to your questions. It would be wise to take your leave and not fuel the fires of any more raving lunatic geriatrics. - You should be able to verify your age without any problems and be transferred to the TG without incident. - Your parents accounts should not be affected by any of this, and if they are, they can age-verify their own accounts easily as well. Good luck, hope to see you soon.
  3. This entire thread makes me weep for humanity. This is the most pathetic, ridiculous, immature, petty and astoundingly idiotic thing I think I've ever seen here. This girl wanted to know how to verify her account so she can move to the TG, accepting the concequences of an action that she made - And all you creepy old degenerates do is hound her about everything from her parents to the truth of her identity, even accusing her of being a child predator!? Hell, this is just disgusting. Give teens their own forums so they won't have to deal with this garbage.
  4. You should be able to verify your age and transfer just fine. What I meant was that, even if you had tried to register on the TG in the beginning and done everything that LL "Expected" you to do to meet their Terms of Service, it would be impossible to play Second Life, because people from the UK can't register on the Teen Grid. It's a double-standard. The only way you're able to have (potential) access to the Teen Grid is because you made an account on the Adult Grid.
  5. I would like to add that when I transferred my account from the MG to the TG, I simply took a picture of my military ID next to a piece of paper that I had written "Vaughan Vendetta" and the date on. They accepted that as a valid ID type and transferred me. By the way, signups for people from the UK are currently broken; the ironic part is that if you had tried to register for Second Life with the proper age on the TG, it would be impossible. If you ever transfer, send me an IM and I'd be glad to help get you on your feet. Though there aren't any Harry Potter roleplay groups here, unfortunate
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