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  1. I downgraded my account, since I no longer needed to own any mainland and rarely even log in. I logged in this week and notice my account is listed as Basic and I no longer receive my old stipend- HOWEVER, I still have land and it says I will be billed for it on March 2. What gives? I can't access any useful support now because evidently I am already downgraded to a Basic account. If they can figure out that my account shouldn't be getting the 500L stipend, why wasn't the land taken off my account? All I need is to send a ticket to someone who can explain and/or fix this, but evidently paying
  2. Thanks for the reply! I was hoping they still had something in place to easily accomplish gifting an account to someone. Oh well!
  3. I recall once upon a time that there was a link someplace on the secondlife.com site to "Give the gift of Second Life", but it seems to have disappeared.  So how would I go about accomplishing this now? Surely LL would like my money, so that I can surprise the person who gave me my First Life with a premium account of her own.
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