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  1. Albert Fool - He taught me a lot about scripting, but he ended up leaving Second Life a month later. Frank Vogel - Watching him build a motorcycle in Morris my first day inspired me to actually stay with Second Life. Jillian Callahan - She taught me a sense of community here that made me stay longer than most people do.
  2. It depends on what type of fuel you are using firstly. You need to figure out it's energy production per unit after you determine the type of fuel. Then you need to figure out your engine efficiency at certain stages, or come up with a formula based on velocity. Then you should have an adjustment value based on the mass of the vehicle + passengers. Don't forget you also consume fuel while idling, so you may want to include that as well.
  3. As for the average, it really was fairly random, but usually it would hit large "patches" in the 8MPS range for a while, and in the 15MPS range for a while, but this may have been due to pseudo random number generation rather than any sort of pattern.
  4. I think most of the weather info on the wiki page is already authored by me, and I doubt anyone would be interested in raw data. The numbers appear random, but actually use the equations I mentioned before, just on a much larger scale. And I have not put the minimum and maximum just because it has not been "100%" verified yet. If someone can get Andrew to confirm that it is capped at 32, that would be great. Right now I am only 99.9% sure it is.
  5. I did a lot of experiments on wind years ago, and as far as I know it still uses the same Jos Stam's Navier-Stokes equations. Over the course of several months the fastest wind I ever recorded, while polling every 15 minutes or so in multiple locations, was 31.800045 MPS, the slowest was 0.000440 MPS. I believe their is some pseudo-math to cap the maximum value for wind at 32 MPS to keep the wind from becoming unstable, this is based solely on interactions with Andrew Linden where he said that he was not "100% sure."
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