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  1. Actually, there is a faster, easier way to do this. The first time you use V2, your profile will be in edit mode. If you open your profile, at the bottom is a button "Save changes" Click that button and your picks will be available in a tab.
  2. To get upload images, go to your inventory sidebar...File at the top...it's in there
  3. Yup...it's in the Me>>Preferences>>General. "Away Timeout" can be set to 2, 5, 10, 30 minutes or Never.
  4. Curious...have you tried reinstalling SL and/or using a different viewer? You might want to try the Snowglobe viewer at https://secure-web39.secondlife.com/my/support/downloads/?lang=en-US
  5. Try sending the person an instant message. In the regular viewer, this will un-mute the other resident.
  6. In the event that you removed the person from your friend list, and also deleted the calling card is to open search at the bottom of your screen....then go to the People tab, enter your friend's name. This, if the account is still there, will bring up the profile. From there you can look at groups (if they're visible) and send an IM. Good luck
  7. umm....where can you buy gum for a nickle nowadays? Last time I checked...it was at least 25 cents
  8. First, to wear anything from your inventory, you can right click it and select wear....right click the folder it's in and select add to outfit, or....if it's a complete avatar, right click the folder and select replace outfit. If you try to wear something, and find yourself wearing a box, DON'T PANIC!....We all wear boxes at one time or another. Simply get to a sandbox or some place where you can left click the box and drag it to the ground. Once it's there, right click and open the box. You can then either elect to wear the items in the box and copy to inventory, or just copy to inventory. Hope this helps.
  9. Greener, I do have a possible solution. You can trick your computer! Right click the shortcut for SL on your desktop. On the main tab, you will see a target line. You will need to try to run multiple copies of SL at the same time (or let your computer think that's what you're doing) by deleting everything to the right of ......exe" and adding -multiple. Mine looks like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLife\SecondLife.exe" -multiple
  10. try going to control manager and uninstalling SL completely...make sure you have ALL versions/viewers uninstalled. This includes snowglobe, Emerald, and any others. Then reboot your computer. Then go to https://secure-web19.secondlife.com/my/support/downloads and download/run the version you need. Make sure that you exit secondlfie correctly before trying to run it again. Look for me inworld and send me an instant message if that works. I'll check back here to see if it didn't. Good luck!
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