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  1. If the connectivity issues do not solve the problem you might try a third party viewer like the older Phoenix or their newer Firestorm.
  2. You would probably need to do several things to earn that income unless you have some good transferable skills. Creation and selling would earn that or more over time if you made quality items and invested in creation, marketing, infrastructure etc. But to begin with you would spend more than you would earn; you could cut that down by selling only on marketplace but that would also reduce potential future income. You could check the help wanted forums and classifieds for job openings. Most will want you to have a polished looking avie and understanding of SL, most wont pay well but you could get multiple jobs and/or augment earnings by joining contests that payout linden as prizes. SL sex pays the most if you are good at it. You need a super looking avie, excellent RP skills and the willingness; building up your avie, wardrobe and tools would take initial investment. Someone told me about earning a little L by "cone jumping"...I have no idea what that is but a look in search might inform you. But, unless you want to spend all your SL time working, you would be better off working a few hours in RL and importing that money to SL for buying linden.
  3. I like rebourne and Pre Fabulous by Forni, Ingrid Ingersoll and barnesworth anubis nice too
  4. If you are a premium account you can also use live chat
  5. The only consideration I think you need to make is to be honest in all relationships...make sure that whoever you are dating knows you are "playing" SL. Many consider SL a "real" life. Some live in SL more than they do RL, with relationships they consider as real as first life. Make sure that your playing does no harm or expectation setting
  6. While I dislike a scammer as much as anyone, it is against the TOS to post names here, so you might want to edit your posting. This is a resident only forum, so while we can sympathize, your reporting it to LL is the only solution. LL takes the information, reviews and then implements action. You will not hear back, nor will you ever hear determination.
  7. Maybe just a glitch, try unplugging your router and letting it sit for a minute or two and then plug back in and see if that works. If you were banned you should have gotten an email
  8. Only the creator can help if the product is really faulty but since it was working, a couple things you can check. Maybe the scripts inside just need to be reset. Is the TV on your land? If not, did the sim owner change anything on property where scripts are not allowed?
  9. Regarding sizing, take some building classes so you can learn to fit your clothes to your avie. Even if a creator offered sizes it would still be unlikely to fit correctly...we just come in too many shapes and sizes. So learn to edit, buy only mod/copy clothing and you can make everything fit you perfectly. To learn editing, take some of the free building classes found in Search/events/education. It doesn't matter what you learn to build as the skill sets are all the same. As you practice you skills in adjusting your hair, jewelry, clothes, remember to copy them first, so if you mess up you can try again. The exception to this is mesh, which I avoid. Have heard rumor that mesh creators are going to standardize their sizing ---so that we can adjust our avies to fit their clothing. Personally I am not going to adjust my body to fit any item of clothing. Who wants to have the same sized boobs, hips and thighs as every other avie. Also, I have seen nothing in mesh that is greatly better than high quality work done in layer/prim/sculpt. If the standardization occurs we will likely offer our clients a small range of "mesh standard" avies but I won't be wearing one of them, but you could then change your body to a standard size and buy the standardized mesh which should fit as you were created for the clothes vs other way around
  10. As a stylist prefer to see both options; though unlike another poster I will not use skins that only come in "packs" Like skins to be sold separately, with option to save if you buy a pack. When referring a client to a particular skin do not want them forced to buy multiple skins to get the suggested one; we typically avoid sellers who do not offer single skin purchase. If the makeup is correct, prefer it on the skin. But, if do not find the right makeup for a specific look, use the base skin with makeup layer added. When buying makeup layers we do not necessarily use a makeup tat from the skin maker, instead just seek a makeup with the right look that fits the skin from a variety of creators
  11. Transactions only go back 30 days, so if you want to track them you will need to download monthly..if the month has 31 days you will need to do a 2nd download to capture that last day
  12. Put on a bald cap or eyebrows. If that does not work, change your skin as it could have the hair painted on it
  13. Contact LL, this is a resident only forum. If you are premium account, you can go to Live Chat and actually talk to someone
  14. Off topic but if you use terms to boost you in search that have nothing to do with your products all you will do is anger customers. When people falsly advertise and I get to their shop but do not see what was promised, I never go back and would never trust the merchant again. Be honest, not just in what you create but in what you sell to the public too
  15. If the item stays blue that usually means it is no mod. Creators set the permissions for the items they create and many make things no mod. Did you try just clicking on the necklace? Often jewelery has a resize script
  16. Do you get any messages about why you cannot log in? There was a problem with logins a couple of days ago as posted on grid status, but that is supposed to be resolved.http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2011/11/13/post1473/ If you are Premium account you could call Live Chat for help. You could also try uninstalling completely and then doing a new fresh install in case there is a corrupt file.
  17. Does that happen everywhere or just in one place? You could try logging in to a new sim if you have just been in a single location and see if it is just a bad spot in the world. If a universal prolblem, try turning all your graphics waaaay down and see if that helps. You might also want to check the system requirements page against your machine
  18. There is no way to change your log in. Go to Live Chat since you are a Premium member. Be very nice and beg lol; see if they would do a transfer for you.
  19. There have been issues withl og in failures and sims going down over the last week Power outages due to storms Also, next week is the USA Thanksgiving holiday and many people go out of town to visit families Maybe just a bit of this and that?
  20. Not sure if the styles will appeal but you can check:\ Mother Goose has asian male skins, they were sold upstairs the last time I was there Den-dou has them DNA and Signature, Tellaq, or Arai, might have them
  21. Rolig gave you the correct answer. Babies are just prim dolls. So you can buy a prim tummy to pretend ou are preggers or you can just go straight to buying a baby. If you want a child, you need to meet an adult avie who likes to role play a child and is willing to become part of your pretend family
  22. LAQ, Belleza and Curio also have an Asian Skin
  23. Since you are bored you could make him. You would do that by first making a rough draft of a shape that gives you the right framework ie height, body shape, shape of nose, size shape of eye etc. Once you have the draft shape go to all the skin makers and look for skins that resemble the look you want. Do NOT buy a skin yet, just grab up demos. Then go to hair shops and grab up demos of hair ...for long hair try both womens and mens (make sure mod). Eyes you cannot demo so you will need to look carefully at the eye colors for one that matches and buy those. Go home wear the eyes and try the hair and skins on with the draft shape you made. Once you find the best skin and hair, try tweaking the shape to get the resemblance closer. When you are satisfied with the look then you go buy the skin. This is a long and sometimes tedious process but good to keep a bored person busy lol
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