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  1. Besides the links provided there are free building classes listed in Events/education and you can find YouTube videos as well. When looking at classes it does not make any difference what the class teaches...you build a house with the same skills as you would build a table or a magic wand. You will want classes and info on texturing, prim, sculpt and maybe even the new mesh. If you want doors that open, security systems, lighting you will need to learn scripting or buy scripts. Once you are ready to build you will need land to put your house on. If you are a premium member you can get a 512 plot tier free (you still need to buy the land). Or you can rent land from a private estate owner. You can look in Search Land Sales to get an idea of pricing One thing to keep in mind as learning to build is prim count...the more prims your build uses the larger the land size you will need. Land pricing is based on foot print size and prim allowance.
  2. You will be passed many landmarks and notecards in SL. Shop owners send these out with notices or sometimes when you visit their stores, club owners send them to get you to come to their events; even random strangers send me lms for who knows why lol. Keep or delete all or any lms as you choose. A landmark is simply a teleport device to a location someone would like you to check out. To use you just click on it, but using it is always your choice.
  3. I can't help with the resolution issue but if you want to buy a skin, check the marketplace for Full-Perm Skins and then make sure it includes the textures
  4. It could be to large a file, try reducing it
  5. The fastest and easiest way is to buy linden. But, if you really do not wish to do that and are ok with living SL on a limited budget then you can try the below: If you are less than 30 days old there might still be a few money trees around...check in search,tp to a money tree location and look for Lindens growing on the branches for those new to take. There may also be a few camping spots left where you are paid to sit or hang around a certain area. You would find these in search too. Someone recently mentioned "cone jumping' but I don't really know what that is...you might look in search You can look in Events section for events that feature exploders that randomly toss out lindens or join contests that give lindens as a prize You can check out the classifieds inworld or the help wanted section of the forums for job postings
  6. You set your presets, that is only what your monitor sees. Everyone has their own presets; there is no way to manage how others see you. Everyone sees differently depending not only on their presets, but also their graphic settings inworld and their systems graphics in RL.
  7. Hi Avi, this is a resident forum so nothing we can do to restore you and even if you contact LL I don't think they would do a roll back. So likely you are pretty much stuck with fixing your avie or buying a new one : ( One thought...check that you are wearing the correct skin and shape; if you misclicked and are wearing wrong item you can look messed up quickly
  8. Go to your your dashboard and look at the Transaction History in the Account section. That will list every transaction you have made over last 30 days. With that said, sometimes there is just a glitch in linden balances showing and they are usually resolved fairly quickly
  9. Think of it in RL terms. Your shape is like your skeleton, muscle and body-fat rolled into one unit...it is the bones and structure of your avatar. The shape determines your height, weight, how large or small your other assets like hands, feet, boobs, behind etc. It is also 50% or more of the influence for your face features such as a tiny mouth, huge nose and squinty eyes (the other half of features is influenced by the skin). The skin is an image that lays over the shape, like your skin covers your skeleton. Your skin provides the shading, highlights and color for muscle, makeup, skin tone (from goth to very dark) beauty marks and freckles (skins can also now be amended with tattoos to change makeups, lighten darken skin, enhance cleavage and more). The skin's shadows and highlights influence the appearance of features created by your shape like eyes, nose, lips and eyebrows. You don't "see" the shape, you do see the skin...but it is the marriage of both that make your avie. When changing skins or shapes it is important to remember that not all skins and shapes marry in a attractive way. You can have a great skin, a perfect shape and still look horrid if they are not compatible: If you are buying a shape, make sure that the creator includes, at minimum, the information on the skin used to for the box picture. Also, try to buy modifiable shapes; this way if you change skins you can tweak your shape to accommodate the new skins shading. Or, just tweak your look as your taste and style change. If buying a skin ALWAYS try on demos on with your shape before you buy.
  10. I know there are some sims undergoing maintenance...my sim is one of them. You could try logging into a different location and see if works
  11. If you mean Calla...I "think" these are her settings...but I prefer Nam's optimal skin and prim in the drop down sky settings menu, you might want to check that one too. b) go to the Atmosphere Tab and change the settings as follow: Blue Horizon: R: 0.12, G: 0.12, B: 0.16, I: 0.16 Haze Horizon: 0.09 Blue Density: R: 0.32, G: 0.59, B: 1.00, I: 1:00 Haze Density: 0.65 Density Multiplier: 0.18 Distance Multiplier: 2.0 Max Altitude: 188 c) go to the Lighting Tab and change the settings as follow: Sun/Moon Color: R, G, B and I at 0.086 Sun/Moon Position: 0.000 Ambient: R:0.67, G:0.64, B:0.63, I:0.67 or R: 0.70, G: 0.67, B: 0.66, I: 0.70 (second setting is brighter) East Angle: 0.16 Sun Glow: Focus: 0.10 Size 1.75 Scene Gamma: 1.08-1.15 Star Brightness: 0.00 d) go to the Clouds Tab and change the settings as follow: Cloud Coverage: 0.13
  12. I buy single poses that match my personal style and then load my AO with them. It is pretty simple, drop poses into AO and edit the notecard. It does take some time to get them in right order so movement looks smooth, but once it is done you are good for a long time. I have only freshened my poses a couple of times since 06 as animations have improved. I like to mixed static poses with animated poses so that your avie moves but is not "antsy" lol.
  13. This is a resident only forum. None can help here. You need to call the LL billing office
  14. First look in your folder and see if there is a notecard that tells you what to do. If there is none, send a notecard to the person you bought them from asking your questions. Only the person who made them is going to be able to tel you how to tend them.
  15. If Love Angel's suggestion does not help try uninstalling your viewer and doing clean install or even try a 3rd party viewer http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory
  16. Inworld and marketplace search has been broken for so long now am just too worn out over it to even discuss anymore. The search teams seem to have some corporate agenda they must to march to that has nothing to do with building a working search tool.
  17. hi Sephora, is your blog syndicated...linked into the the main fashion blog consolidators (like IheartSL as example)?
  18. here is a direct link to live chat: https://support.secondlife.com/start-chat/ I bookmarked this as they hide it
  19. are you trying to rez boxed items of clothing? if so you might be out of prims to set out a box and need to pick up a few household items to leave some prims available. if you just cannot change clothes you could try clearing cache and see if that helps. If not the link to Live Chat for LL help is https://support.secondlife.com/start-chat/
  20. If you do not find what you needed to know in the links provided you can post specific questions here and we will try to answer. In world Oxbridge University and NCI kuula usually have people around who can answer questions, you can find a teleport to them by looking them up in search
  21. You can but you will lose all the benefits...for me service is the big thing - you will no longer be entitled to a free home or the free tier - you will not be able to buy on mainland but will have to rent from a private estate owner - you will lose your stipend (this with the bonus you received pays most of the membership cost) - none premium members have little to no support if they have problems, Premium members can file tickets on pretty much anything as well as having access to live chat for quick fixes there are other things that mean little to me but nice like premium only sandboxes and gifts. the biggie is service tho the weekly linden allowance is nice too
  22. Hi did not understand your post. Is the item not as advertised? Does not work? Or, you are just unhappy with it? If the product is broken or not as advertised I would send a NICE note to the creator asking for assistance. If it is just not what you wanted, you are likely out of luck. As another poster mentioned you also need to remove names from your posting as that is against the tos. Click edit on your post to do this
  23. If you are a premium account you could go to live chat and ask at: https://support.secondlife.com/start-chat/
  24. When you cancel it quits billing you for future, but you might have prepaid up to a certain date. Here is the link to live chat https://support.secondlife.com/start-chat/ so you can make a quick check
  25. I had that problem once with Phoenix viewer and it was my browser blocking it. I cannot remember how I fixed it; maybe another can make a suggestion. One thing that worked until I figured out the solution was to click the teleport and which brought up the slur in my browser address line, I copied that and pasted into local chat and used that link to make the teleport.
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