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  1. Actually I do not want to automatically see adult items even tho I am waaay over 21. I have little to no need for adult themed content and prefer to keep down the clutter
  2. I have never recommended buying on the marketplace not only is the system buggy but we also have issues within our own merchant community. Heavily photoshoped items, poor descriptions, reselling of freebies etc. By going to a merchants inworld shop I can get a much better idea of the products quality, I can buy it and receive it immediately instead of waiting on the marketplace to deliver, and as a merchant I like to give my peers ALL the linden vs letting LL have yet another piece of profit
  3. You do not need to mention items not made by you You DO need to clearly state what the item is like, Lili evening gown or Gothic Jewelry set. If the customer is uncertain what you are selling this can cause you problems and unhappy customers in the product description list what specific items are included such as layers or prims. Make sure you mention the permissions, is it copy/mod/no transfer or no copy/mod/transfer for example. List any special options: is the item color or texture change scripted, resize scripted vs mod, include multiple color versions etc. If it is not obvious include gender as well. Such as : 85 prim ruby ring and 250 prim ruby necklace, two color options: gold and silver, no mod/no copy/yes transfer, resize scripted, unisex The more specific and detailed you can get in description the better a customer understands exactly what they get and this will keep them happy
  4. I would prefer LL just fix the bugs so the site worked and skip looking at bells and whistles.
  5. Movement can make things show through. You might need to make the coat a bit larger so there is more space between it and the underlayers. If you are new and do not have good editing skills, try taking the free building classes you can find in search/events/education. Take any sort of classes as the skill sets are the same. You move objects around and edit prims the same way if you are building a house, a magic wand or just adjusting your hair, clothes, eyelashes or jewelry. Good building and editing skills will be of great value to you in SL for many things
  6. Since you are still premium talk to Live Chat they might be able to help you https://support.secondlife.com/start-chat/. If not call the billing office.
  7. It may also have to do with message capping at 25 If you get lots of ims and messages only the first 25 will go through...the rest will appear only in your email
  8. In retail I think skin makers likely earn the most but it it highly competitive and you would have to spend a lot of RL time and money up front in creating your product, setting up a store and marketing...assuming you even have the creative skills to make fabulous skins that would put you at the top of the market. Am told escorts can make a decent amount of Linden, especially those who offer RL voice and cam. Understand some charge RL money but you would need to research carefully I would think. Land owners can make decent money in SL but you have to spend large sums of RL money upfront to buy your sims from LL, market your land for rent, and then manage your land and taking care of client issues on-going. So again not fast or easy proposition
  9. maybe this link will help: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewerhelp:Inventory_-_My_Inventory the wiki link is great to bookmark for future use too http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Main_Page
  10. It is also the permissions that creators set up. Most skin makers create no-mod
  11. Try taking building classes. You will find them in Search/events/education. Take lots of classes building anything as the skills are all transferable
  12. Anyone can flagged anything...that is why there is a review. To see if the reason for the flagging is valid-
  13. I "think" Alphamale had some checked shirts For pants you could also try Cheerno they do lots of "brights" Fir has great shoes, you could also check Jeepers Creepers and Kalnins
  14. I would clear your cache and reboot first. If that does not solve the problem I would de-install your viewers and delete any remnants and then reinstall a clean version RE support, if you are a Premium member you have many more ticket options as well as the ability to use live chat for immediate help.
  15. Griefers are attention seekers if they get no attention they will go away. Next time one appears have everyone mute them and then go on with normal activity. Everyone can also send in a AR report but not reacting and ignoring them should do the trick.
  16. Try typing anime or scifi into the marketplace and then narrow the result by category like apparel. You can use the results to visit the inworld shops to better check quality and range of products
  17. it might be your AO. Turn off the AO you are wearing and then try to use the pose balls
  18. it is just annoying spam, you can ingnore it. You might find that Freebie in the creators SL shop too so check inworld
  19. If you join the Menstuff group they have a lounge with a bunch of freebies...many from top designers
  20. G Field is one of my favorites. If looking for basic pumps I have some fromLusty called Saints. Simple but go with anything and they come in many colors Gos has some good shoes too and love the Baby T's from Pixel Mode J's is another place to check If you dont find what you need im me inworld for some landmarks. These are the ones can think of without being inworld
  21. Same thing happens to me. Think it is the result of messages capping.
  22. Check your trash in case you accidently deleted it
  23. I have lms to my favorite shops and start with those. If I like a shop will join the subscribo group and do look at the notices...if I get them, many are lost I reserve groups for business needs and associations. I next look at the fashion blogs like IheartSL for women's items or iregularguy for men's The marketplace is the last place I look. For me it is the last place because so much of what is there is poor quality imo. But, I do use it as a search tool sometimes, then tp to the inworld shop to buy. I only buy online if the merchant is someone I know and even then prefer to buy in their store as want to get it "now" vs having to wait an undefined time for the marketplace to deliver. The only exception to that would be if the merchant offered a Marketplace demo or freebie, I might buy that as can delete without guilt if not what I want
  24. I would start with making the body thicker and adding good amount of body fat. On face, give good amount of jowl and double chin as well as eye bag. You might also need to look for a skin that is not shaded for a buff 6 pack guy; in this case a less detailed skin might be best option. Then add the sculpts and adjust as needed. Making a good avie can be time consuming so have patience and keep tweaking til you get there...good luck and have fun!
  25. I made my own AO. After looking at the prebuilt ones it, I only liked half the content and the other half did not feel like "me" It is pretty simple; drop poses into the AO and then edit a notecard In making my AO, selected both static poses and animations...I wanted to move some even while standing in one spot but not constantly moving, I wanted a normal walk, simple landings and falls not something dramatic and I didn't want to fly like superman. The tricky part was getting the right poses in the right order, so as poses looped the movements transitioned well. It took a bit of time but for me it was worth it. I built my AO back in 06 and have just freshened it with upgraded poses a couple of times since then; so a bit of effort every couple of years to freshen as creative improves..but much of it has remained the same like swimming, landings and flight; think have only upgraded my walk once and changed out a some of the standing poses. Good luck!
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