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  1. Torely not sure this the right place for feedback but,I know you actually listen to residents and are/were a resident for long time, so posting anyway lol. The new beta is a huge improvement over previous versions. Do I like it...not yet, Phoenix team still wins hands down for viewer development. But this new LL viewer is at least "useable" which for me, previous versions were not. It still feels clunky and disjointed though for how I use SL: Why are like things not all in one place, it seems I have to hunt for where things are...a couple examples: - group chat, ims,local chat and even notices all over the place. Having communications in multiple spots too much for my brain also I miss incomings more often than I catch which is way annoying. - editing shape why is "save" not with save as and undo? - why is tp home on far left when your fav tps are all forced to the right? I am spammed and there are way to many clicks to get through things: - I use tabbed chat, but then I still have all these tiny lil message boxes on my top right screen - If I open a notecard and use a link it creates a lm, but I don't want a lm for everything and end up with bunch of deletes. - When opening boxes I end up with a gazilion lil boxes to close from gestures, animations, notes like items coming too fast, just so much to x out of - Do I really need a box to pop up that tells me where I tp'd from? I know where I was lol Mouse moves my graphics and makes me feel seasick...I have move by arrows selected but I still get this hand cursor and graphics swing with mouse move. Is there a hidden option to disable ? Random things like language such as..."remove rom current outfit"...is that really as clear as "take it off" and when passing items does "show" really mean "accept" to anyone? Tabbed search seemed way easier. Web profiles not as simple to use as our old profiles. Miss having an option to open a second inventory window to move things around. And need to have "worn" tab...you cannot move things into or out of current outfit so way less functional than "worn" Do love love some to the feature enhancements this last year like wearing multiple layers, face tats, multiple attachments. Hugs from a fan and appreciate all you do for SL.
  2. The Photo-real skins dont translate that well to SL imo...they end up just looking kind of scary. Like another posted this may change with mesh...but today mesh avies have a whole host of draw backs to them; so, we will see what the future holds. Some of my current skin favorites are: Akeruka, AlVulo, Belleza, Curio, Filthy, Glam, Laqroki, LaVie, League, Redgrave, YS Each has its own unique style so what is beautiful is in eye of beholder
  3. I second Hippi's vote. So far LL has been unable to make a decent viewer, handcuffing those who can reduces value of SL
  4. Phoenix updated their viwer some time ago to be mesh enabled. I can now see mesh, but so far imo I wasnt missing much when couldn't see it
  5. Depends on what you want to buy; where, how big, how nice, who from. In search you can look at the land tab and teleport around to see what you get for you money. If you are a premium member you can buy mainland or estate. If not premium you can only purchase estate land from a resident
  6. Go to the Linden Exchange area found on the left side of your dashboard. Click on manage then select sell. I use the second sell option ---gives choice of exchange rate, usually around 249L to USD is quick. Once the sell order is filled by LL you will be notified. Then you need to go back to the Linden Exchange/Manage and select Process Credit to actually get the proceeds sent to you. It is there you will find the option for using PayPal. or funds wired. I have always used paypal. Having funds recieved from LL to my PayPal account takes as little as 24 hours or up to one week...but usually 4-5 days
  7. If you are a premium member you can contact Live chat for instant help
  8. To get naked you will need a non-linden skin. Belleza gives group members some very nice skins, it costs 250L to join but worth it since his single skins sell for much much more. To do naughty things lol...you will need some naughty parts. Avatars are not born with them, they need to be purchased. Try Xcite for those
  9. You should first check the System Specifications to make sure yours meets the requirements to run SL. You can find them here: https://secondlife.com/my/support/system-requirements/?lang=en-US If your system does meet the requirements then edit your post to include more information and we can try to help further
  10. Building a PC and want to optimize for SL,,,,particularly SL photography. Would like to build for best performance/quality vs what just works, so that it is obsolete later vs sooner. Kirsten, offered up a list of best graphics cards some time back but I could not find it. Suggestions and warnings both appreciated.
  11. If you are new, suggest renting a home on someone elses land for a bit before jumping into ownership. Give yourself some time to decide where you want to live, what your sl life will be like and how much RL money you wish to spend to support it. There are great rentals out there from small private islands to small apartments...it all depends on how much you wish to spend. You can also become a premium member of SL and choose either a free house from LL or a small plot of mainland (a 512) tier free. You would have to buy the land, but a 512 is pretty cheap; the free house you just register for once you have membership established. When looking at rentals make sure the landlord is reputable; there are great ones and scammers out there. Look at how long they have been in SL, and maybe talk to those who have rented from them for a good while. I have rented from Jayson Dorn for many years and have found him to be very fair, but there are many options for you.
  12. You could try uninstalling and then a clean reinstall in case a file has corrupted. I use both Phoenix and Firestorm and not having any issues at all.
  13. There are no privacy setting that work as filters I just ignore beggers, you do not have to respond just because someone ims you. You could choose to mute them, which would prevent them from communicating with you in the future...likely they are not the sort of person you would wish to hang out with anyway
  14. You do not need to change your entire AO but if you do want a new walk you will need a new walking animation. Once you find the desired walk, you can add the pose and edit your AO to use the new animation
  15. While a good skin will minimize the appearance of this it wont go away; it is just part of all SL avies Another thing that highlights or diminishes the split are your animations like, dances and poses...any wide leg stance will make the split more obvious. If you look at your avie in appeance mode it will be very noticable, but in a normal stand, much less so
  16. I "think" Lion skins and Pulse also have more mature women
  17. You can message avies from their online profiles if that helps
  18. Not sure what your save options are but I have a "save for web" selection. This saves the image created with anything untextured set as transparent (the white parts you see)
  19. Try using the third party Phoenix viewer. You wont see mesh...but, for me that is no loss currently. If you want to see mesh, the Firestorm viewer is a bit less clunky than the LL viewer. The chat/im/notices and appearance mode are still horrid as need to comply with LL, but it is better overall imo. And, the Firestorm team is great so hope overtime they will make further improvements.
  20. Some of the mesh hair is really nice, but the problem is having to use a mesh viewer...over half of SL still has not moved to the newer viewers; so, most people see mesh as a big blob. For me, the mesh products just are not wonderful enough to overcome the clunky chat/im/notice and edit appearance modes of the new viewers. I take the Firestorm mesh viewer out regularly to make sure that I am not missing anything wonderful and keep my fingers crossed that the Firestorm team can find a way to resolve the things that are the most irritating in the new interface
  21. DrLife, Curio, Belleza and Laqroki all have Asian skins I "think" Al Vulo and Redgrave might too.
  22. Teleports most often end in a crash due to either lag or wearing to many prim heavy or scripted items.
  23. Every skin maker has a unique style so I have a bunch of favorites: Birth, Belleza, DNA(Signature), Laqroki, LaVie, Redgrave, Tellaq, Akeruka, Sawode All of these are good quality, it just depends on the look and style you are wanting
  24. When this happened to me I logged out of the viewer and into SL with another viewer...changed my hair and bald. Deleted the Hair fix and then logged out coming back with my original viewer. I think the character test would work too...but for me was easier to log in quick with alternate viewer and fix than rebuild my avie after noobifying myself with the test avie
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