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  1. Welcome to the family Rod!, Looking forward to seeing what you can do at the lab.
  2. Howdy, i built somthing related to slurls, in 2009 i started to get involed in twitter alot, then i decided there should be a shortner just for slurls, i developed my own called tpurl.me, this lasted until later this year when i had to pull back most of my costs inside second life (i may rebuild it again if there interest is there), a friend of mine is also building her own shortner service too sl8.us with facebook intergration, inworld intergration and twitter intergration via the oauth scripts provided by babbage linden. Just thought id shed some light on the stuff the commuity has been
  3. Howdy, i love the idea around display names but im worried about the abuse side of this tool, it could be used in the wrong hands to create hawok, you could do what valve has done where you can find previous Display Names (like a history of things you have called yourself) then people will know if that is the real you or someone copying you.
  4. if your looking for sim rules you would be looking at the convant. click the land discription (sim name) then click the convant tab mainland has no convant however is run under the TOS the estates will provide details on sim script ussge and infomation on themes etc via the convant. hope this helps
  5. if you still get problems fill a ticket via http://www.secondlife.com/support. they may be able to track where the issue arrives.
  6. Indeed you can also look at lower spec clients made by 3rd party vendors (Linden Lab only support there own Clients so if you have an issue with the 3rd party client you would need to contact the complier) Link for the wiki artical is here (didnt want to spam the Q&A blog) http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Downloads
  7. Yup!, you can use photobucket or flickr. sign up its free once you have simply embed the code from the images into the Q&A system. works a treat! im me inworld if you still get stuck Oliver
  8. love the use of embedding videos, jolly good show
  9. Hello!, well first off Residents currently are unable to add images. only Lindens can do so. They hope to open this function up soon, they just havnt yet hopes this helps Oliver Szondi
  10. Giving an item can also be done via an im window simply drag and drop the item into the IM window to offer it to the person.
  11. its currently not around but give Lexie Linden a IM inworld and tell her what ya think about improvements!
  12. based on what you said, i would ask your landlord/lady if they could create a smaller parcel. if they say no simply move on you can find the latest land sales located at Search>Land Sales and from what i have been learning dont just run in and buy! Its always best to look around before you purchase! Best of luck and have a lovely day! Oz
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