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  1. Same here, when putting the search word in the search button does not respond. On an alt avatar MP account however it works fine so it almost seems to be account related.
  2. Why not have a mesh head designed to wear on your SL avatar? for info contact Isabelle Torok / Immortals Avatars
  3. Custom Mesh Avatars, Heads, Huds and skins designers offer services. Please contact Isabelle Torok or NL Sperber (Immortals Avatars) inworld by notecard.
  4. Hi SnowBlague, We design mesh avatars as well as mesh heads and have done some custom work in the past. Send a notecard inworld to Isabelle Torok with the details of your budget and what you are specifically looking for and we will see if we can come to an agreement. Cherss, NL
  5. Hi, I'm NL Sperber, former dj, currently involved in other projects in SL. In RL however I do voice over work including mixing and editing audio and effects, creating commercials etc. As you might know making jingles and audio presentations requieres some skills and takes some time to get a good result. I'm always interested in jobs if the price is attractive ofcourse. If interested please let me know what your budget is? Cheers, NL
  6. Hi my name is NL Sperber, Sl born 03/13/2007 I'm the co-owner and creater of Immortals Avatars,owner and creater of Skate World. I offfer my services for building any kind of constructions, sim shaping and terraforming for a reasonable price. If interested please leave me a notecard inworld.
  7. We think Giants are cool when they look realistic. The reactions we got in clubs were all positive so far Ofcourse respect other people and dont go ploughing through crowds and you'll be fine. The actual "solid" part of the mesh giant is no bigger then a normal size avatar, the rest is phantom.
  8. we are about to release a series of male and female mesh heads to wear on mesh or non mesh avatars, with or without matching skins or even complete mesh avatars. Pls drop by at our main store and IM us for more info. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue%20Dream/178/51/613
  9. LOL, now this we find funny we will send you an IM inworld
  10. we do occasional custom works, what you want will take some work though, please contact Isabelle Torok for details.
  11. hi, drop by at our main store and pick up the free clothing templates.
  12. Please contact Isabelle Torok / IMMORTALS mesh avatars, we occasionally do custom projects
  13. Hi, we make Asian mesh avatars, please drop by at our main store
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