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  1. I'm actually pretty giddy about the HTTP-IN fix. It's kind of been a pain in the butt, but I am glad it's being fixed faster than normal. I have a question though, is it at all related to dataserver() not responding as well? I haven't filed a bug about it, but occasionally dataserver() doesn't give a reply, and I have found that it is near when http-in URLs are dropped that it starts behaving like that. @WolfBaginski: Less snark, more constructive feedback.
  2. I haven't seen you around in years Mira. RP is pretty casual, but it does happen all the time -- much like everything else in the estate it's pretty spontanious. However on saturdays starting at 11am and usually running until 3pm there's an organized RP event called Barrelhead Bazaar in Cormac. It's going on right now if you want to stop by.
  3. For the RP Races in The Wastelands, we tried to have just a little Sci-Fi, while saying "This is totally possible in time". We do however have a strict list of playable races. Without going deep to the aforementioned url, here's a summary: Humans: Walks on two legs, generally pink insides, squishy and short lived. Crafty and smart. Tribal Mutant: Typically strong humanoids with a long history of spoken word mythology behind them. They pay respects to the King of Fire, and have a few superstitions. Exiled Mutants: Tribal Mutant dropouts, trials failures, or non-believers. Manimals: Humano
  4. There's no dress code (other than wearing some pants to cover up bits). There's just encouragement to dress in theme if you want to RP, and RP is 100% optional. As for the MP link, in my second post on this thread, there's a link to our forums, which has a a guide and link to a massive google spreadsheet of links to MP items. It's got fine grain sorting of details about the items, from gender, to colors, to "type". Thanks for the compliments on the build, but in reality 90% of all the builds here are made by the people who live here. So if you see the owner of a build, say thanks and Hi!
  5. If you're looking for something to wear that fits the theme of the estate, Aposiopesis Fullstop scoured the Second Life Market place and has made a HUGE 1000+ item list of of stuff to wear, categorized by just about everything imaginable.
  6. The Wastelands has been on the grid for over 6 years now and our RP canon has been nurtured and developed by the people who are a part of it. Role play in The Wastelands is 100% optional, and people designate who is "In Character" by wearing a group tag with the word Ruin't in it. Because it's opt-in it may not be for everyone, as there are certainly times where people just like to hang out and chit-chat. We have two major benefits to our RP that most others don't! First and foremost is our 100% free game. I personally built this with the aid of the other Wastelands Developers, a
  7. The Wastelands is an 11 region big post apocalyptic themed estate. We've been on the grid for over six years now, and we've got some land available. I'm frequently told that it's not the land or the theme that keep people here, but the outgoing and friendly community. So stop by and see us! North YardLocationPriceAreaPrimsWeekly Tier*North Yard (216, 40, 75)154353808434~L$1290North Yard (128, 192, 25)154353808434~L$1290North Yard (128, 64, 25)154353808434~L$1290The WastelandsLocationPriceAreaPrimsWeekly Tier*The Wastelands (241,101,73) - 468130002048468~L$1090The Wastelands (112,102,74) -
  8. You don't need a script to do this. Just set the child prims to convex hull; it's in the features tab of the build menu under physics shape. As for the multiple meshes linked together with a lower LI than mesh objects combined, that' just due to smart use of mesh building. The meshes themselves probably have low poly counts and low physics shape.
  9. Myself, and a few others can confirm that we are experiencing an average of about 10% packet loss. This is on different regions.
  10. Historically this is the lowest the land prices have ever been in The Wastelands. For only the price of two weeks of tier, you get the land and two weeks of tier! Typically we charge about 6.5k for our smallest parcel, which is now just L$ 1,080! If you're already a Wastelander, now's a good time to expand! If you're not a Wastelander, now's a good time to see what our community is all about. If you were once a Wastelander, now's the best time to come back! ... and if you don't even want to be a Wastelander... that's cool too. (We'll just loot your current home for your food and shiny trinkets
  11. Phil Deakins wrote: Why don't you stop whining about something that doesn't affect you and is no concern of yours? You're right -- It doesn't affect me. I use Adblock plus, ScriptSafe, and Do Not Track Me chrome extensions. However I was making valid points, and hypothetical cases on why this is a bad idea as a whole. I'm allowed to have an opinion. If no one voices their concerns then the issue won't be acknowledged. It's not whining. LL has done a great job at shutting down all avenues of communication with them, so the only thing left to do is make the issue known and discuss it
  12. I would still have the same objections because I pay more than a couple thousand USD to LL per month. If my business isn't enough, then they need to do things that attract and retain people, rather than push them away. In my own opinion, the ads do more harm than good. You don't see WoW, IMVU, or even any other 3rd party grid with ads on their home page. It makes you look amateur. (fixed spelling) Security: Let's say there's some malicious code there and someone hypothetically gets your account info and gets you banned. Sucks to be the user; doubly so trying to get back into your banned accou
  13. Ciaran Laval wrote: NeoBokrug Elytis wrote: I'm a premium and conciege member. I pay a couple thousand USD to LL a month. What other services do you pay for that insert more ads into the service? I dare you to think of a few. As it is, it looks unprofessional and out of place. Paying users should not be subject to these ads. Is LL really that hard up for cash? I have a solution. Are you including your signature in the part about paying users not being subject to these ads :matte-motes-wink: Lets not confuse things. I'm not the service provider here. It's the service pr
  14. I'm a premium and conciege member. I pay a couple thousand USD to LL a month. What other services do you pay for that insert more ads into the service? I dare you to think of a few. As it is, it looks unprofessional and out of place. Paying users should not be subject to these ads. Is LL really that hard up for cash? I have a solution.
  15. Here, you won't find clean and stylish homes, pristine and luxurious beaches, noisy dance clubs, tawdry sex palaces, or any of the glitz and glamor more common to Second Life. But in our parched deserts, rocky expanses, and rank swamps, you'll find beautifully ruined buildings, precarious shacks, and mysterious assemblages of abandoned material, most of it created by the people who live here. From hidden underground bunkers to teetering swamp huts on stilts, from burnt-out vehicles to nomad's tents, from helicopter concert stages to trap-ridden combat pits to ball courts to trade posts to work
  16. The Wastelands is the oldest and largest post-apocalyptic themed residential estate within Second Life. The heart of The Wastelands is in its residents, participants, and visitors. And to give everyone a more interesting environment to hang out in, we featureroleplay, combat, and a host of events -- all of which are optional, and all of which are free. You can live here too, we've got some land available! For more information please see our website. The WastelandsLocationPriceAreaPrimsWeekly Tier*The Wastelands (164,152,70) - 23465001024234~L$540The Wastelands (138,179,70) - 2346500102423
  17. I'm not having a go at people. I'm telling you to chill out and let them work on and test a fix, to either contribute something worthwhile on the JIRA or keep your complaints confined here, and to get your facts straight. You're part of the reason I stopped monitoring the issue. Don't worry though, I won't be back in this thread. Have fun storming the castle.
  18. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:User_Groups
  19. People logging off isn't the problem, it's a byproduct of the issue. Odds are 95% of them will be back when it's resolved. LL doesn't charge VAT, your government charges VAT. Everyone pays taxes differently -- it doesn't mean you pay more for the service in the end. Don't like VAT, complain to your government and don't blame LL. LL is communicating, visit any office hour that's relevant -- or read Nalates blog for a summary. Owners of private regions get extra perks for their extra tier. Yes, such as more control over the region, naming their region, having a covenant, opting out of beta
  20. About your pathfinding claims, did you document any tests? Did you contribute your findings to the JIRA? No, from what I read all you did was complain. Which given the circumstances can be expected -- but the JIRA is not a place for it. It's a nasty bug for sure, and raising a stink to no end isn't helping solve the issue. I on the other hand have several regions, a small landmass in which to test. And I've tested AND posted my findings. I have found out that this bug did come at about the same time as pathfinding did. But with my estate console, turning pathfinding on or off, doesn't ma
  21. I would rather have a good solid fix that works released, rather than a rushed patch that causes more problems because of insufficient testing. I pay 2k+ USD per month to LL, and while this bug is a pain to some of my friends-- there are short term remedies. Take a nap Maelstrom, or turn your draw distance down.
  22. Oskar, with all due respect this is on the release channels as well -- so this isn't just a Magnum issue. All of my estate regions are are plain old Second Life Server, unless they're "stealth" test regions. Please head over to any of the regions I listed as being problematic in the JIRA and see for yourself. And please fix this as soon as possible, I've got a lot of upset residents.
  23. The Great FissureLocationPriceAreaPrimsWeekly Tier*The Great Fissure (28,172,71) - 2346500512234~L$540The Great Fissure (90,241,72) - 2346500512234~L$540The Great Fissure (234,227,72) - 2346500512234~L$540Fort StygianLocationPriceAreaPrimsWeekly Tier*Fort Stygian (240,83,69) - 2346500512234~L$540Fort Stygian (13,167,41) - 2346500512234~L$540Fort Stygian (41,202,69) - 2346500512234~L$540Fort Stygian (96,237,76) - 2346500512234~L$540Fort Stygian (84,224,73) - 2346500512234~L$540Cape of RuinLocationPriceAreaPrimsWeekly Tier*Cape of Ruin - (56, 98, 58) - 3509700768350~L$810Cape of Ruin - (28, 12,
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